Saturday, January 28, 2012

Soon Y. Warren Workshop - Day 2

Day 2 is over!   There were more layers and more layers...

And then, the beginnings of detail... and more layers...

This is where we will start tomorrow... and get to the finish.  I am exhausted and this Internet connection is h.o.r.r.i.b.l.e!!  So, I am about to pile in bed and soothe myself with...

...  a few rows of knitting before I crash.  I am on row 73 of this Mystery Knit-A-Long and need to be finished with row 150 (gets longer each row) by Monday... not sure I'll make this deadline.  Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great weekend and I'll be catching up soon. 

blessings ~ tanna

Soon Y. Warren Workshop - No. 2 (Day One)

In November of 2010, my friend Patrice talked me into attending a watercolor workshop by Soon Y. Warren (here and here).  I had never done a watercolor and the first day I wanted to be beamed up, Scotty!!  I was stressed beyond belief because I had absolutely no clue what I was doing. 

Well, we are back for round two (round three for Patrice) of Soon's classes.  Her work is amazing and she is a wonderful teacher.  She takes you step-by-step through her process...  now, mind you ours do NOT look like hers; but you learn a process. 

Yesterday, we enjoyed our first of a three day class.

Soon demonstrating one of the many layers...

And layers... 

And, the very first photo was our last step of the day... that's where we will be starting from this morning!!

Stacey (Your Private Collection Art Gallery, Granbury, TX), Soon Y. Warren and my friend, Patrice.  It's off to class I go!! 

The real lesson here is one in humility!!  ;)

blessings ~ tanna

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kitchen Makeover - $30 Backsplash

This is Part 2 of the 70s Weekender Makeover, posted in November (here).   I wasn't going to do this post yet... because I still haven't replaced all the lighting and plugs!  I'll have to do another post to show what a big difference lighting can make. 

This is the before.

Another AFTER.  Please note, there are no decorating skills.  LOL! Just function.  We replaced the flooring throughout with engineered hardwoods.  Those and the granite were the 'big bang' elements.  You can find discounted prices, when they have only one slab of a particular section of granite (and you can fit your pieces from it as we were able to do).

Now, for the $30 backsplash.

After looking at tons of different tile possibilities (I was hankering for glass subway or marble), I realized that any of the patterns took away from the granite.

I fell back to a very cost effective solution I have used in my Old Girls.  You can buy this beadboard for $11.88 at Lowe's.  I needed two packages, some screen mold, $6.08, and some liquid nails.

You can see all the tile considerations... LOL.

I have a friend next door with a table saw, which makes cutting these pieces a snap.

You could use a jigsaw for all the cuts.  Remember to measure twice, cut once!!  And, be careful.

Once the pieces are all cut, use a caulk gun and the liquid nails to secure them to the wall.  Use finishing nails to place the screen mold (not pictured here), caulk the seams and paint.  There you go.  A beadboard backsplash for (in this case) $30. 

Joining Kim:

Happy Projects and blessings to all!


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lady Lovelace Finished!!

Finished and worn for the first time!  Love it!!

Pattern:  Lady Lovelace designed by Teva Durham (row 19 needs YO on each side of center stitch deleted to work out right on row 21).  Available free here. Both a sweater and matching shawl.

Yarn:  Ushya by Mirasol 98% Merino Wool 2% Polyamide (Mirasol dedicates a portion of every sale to the funding of a school in the remote area of Munari, the region of Puno, Peru).

Needles:  US size 11 and US size 6

I can't begin to tell you how much I love this yarn!  It is so soft and so light and so easy to work with... surprisingly so, for such a bulky yarn.

I ended up liking the odd mix on the last six rows of the shawl... even after I located more of the Ushya, I decided to stick with my odd mix.  There is a slight issue of curling on the edge, especially if you have been bending your arm up a lot.  Not anything that makes me like it less, but noted.  I think the bodice would make a great vest, too.  Cool, easy pattern (Now, don't let my mistakes on the first day lead you to think this isn't so.  My tendency is that, if it is easy, I don't pay as much attention as I should).

I should have gotten photos of just the sweater, but it's not as easy without my photographer here (hint, hint, Amanda!).  Fun.  Quick.  Two thumbs up!! 

Hope you are all having a wonderful, productive and peaceful week!

Blessings ~ tanna

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Blocked and Ready to Seam

This little project has not been without its more frustrating moments.  First, there was the need to start over... Then, everything went along so smoothly.  Sleeves done and blocked... Check.

Bodice done and blocked... Check.

All looking pretty exciting!   Started on the shawl that matches... going great.  Got down to the last six rows and ran out of yarn!!!  I'm on the search.  Drats!!  And, Double DRATS!  In the meantime, I have found a variegated, blendable color that I am going to finish up the shawl with until HOPEFULLY I can come up with one more skein.  {{grumble, grumble, grumble}}

In the meantime, I signed up to do this mystery knit-a-long with beading by Laura Nelkin.  You get one clue every few days and then are surprised to learn what you are knitting.  Let me just say that this isn't going so well... just opening the beads to take this little photo, I lost probably a half a dozen on the floor... too small for me to see!!  Yikes.  Now, I have  to string 217 of these on the yarn. 

And, did I mention that my swatch (test sample) does NOT look promising... my beads are NOT lining up like the pattern example.  Oh, my... a frustrating series of issues... LOL!  2012 is going to have to shift directions soon.  I'm hoping I am getting my bad run of things over with early and out of the way for smooth sailing! 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  blessings ~ tanna

Friday, January 13, 2012

What Gives??? UPDATED

When I try to comment a blank white page comes up!  Hope this is remedied soon!!  Anyway, I'm still reading and enjoying!  blessings ~ tanna

A FEW HOURS LATER:  Okay, I've discovered that I am having problems ONLY with the blogs that have their comments on the same page:  as in not a pop-up box or new page (which is easier folks, you don't have to scroll back through the whole post and comments).  Don't know if that helps or if any others of you are having that same issue.  I'm sure they are working on it.  Have a great day.  t.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Knitting Review 2011

Knitting 2011 started out with a little Kimono for a sweet little girl.  Had kind of a slow start, with only three projects before June brought us The Littlest Man. 

Vogue Wide-Brimmed Hat went to dear daughter.

Cozy shawl went to a prayer shawl ministry (actually crocheted).

Then, there was the Coming Home Gown for The Littlest Man in June.

And, probably the most fun project I have ever done, a Lion Mane (crochet) and Loincloth (knit).  Littlest Man's mother and I had way too much fun with this one!  Just realized I did leave out a "goat hat" that I don't have a photo of that I did while teaching Amanda to knit.

This was quick and easy and oh, so fun to wear this summer!  It travelled to Italy and felt right at home there with all the wonderful romance.

Another of my favorite shawls, the Ginkgo.

A Sursa Shawl (with modifications... now, belongs to another friend) in Noro.

Entrelac hat #1... a fun knit-a-long project.

Baby sweater for a sweet ex-tenants new baby.  (Don't know why blogger turned it, but I'm not going back to try to change it!!) 

Entrelac #2 for a dear friend's birthday.

Pumpkin hats galore!!

Great fitting, easy little Weekend Cardi.

I have such a hard time choosing a favorite among my shawls... but, this one rivals them all.  Wear it A LOT! 

This was an ambitious project... came out well... but, I don't LOVE it. Kaw Valley Wrap. Hoping summer months make me enjoy it more. 

This was Elfin Hat number 2, so that Littlest Man would have one to match Little Man's from last year. 

Three stockings were made... one with serious flaws in its snowflake.  Still have two more to make to fill my order.  ;)  A little behind for Christmas. 

Made my dear, dear friend Kathy a Sirdar Waistcoat just like mine. 

And,  the last project... Whew!... is this scarf.  2011 started out slow on the knitting projects, but averaged out to two projects a month.  I'm okay with that.  Here's to 2012! 

If you made it this far, thank you for indulging my record of the year in yarn!!  Have a great day!

blessings ~ tanna

ps - Dotsie at Podso (who always has wonderful mosaics) introduced me to Picnik and I did have a little fun playing with that this afternoon!  Hmmmm... I can see experiments brewing! 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Just One of the Reasons...

Last week, I discovered this exquisite little bird with a hand written note... perched on a shelf with two of my other favorite little birds... just waiting... for me to find after the Little Men and Co. visit.  Thoughtfulness is just one of the many reasons it is so easy to love my daughter, Amanda.  Expression of love for one another is one more. 

It is a precious gift to let someone know that they are loved.  I am ever humbled and ever grateful for more love than I could ever deserve.  I hope today you might seek that opportunity to let someone know how precious they are to you.  Thank you, Amanda.  I love you dearly... to the moon and back... bigger than the sky.

Well, my knitting is not off to a good start this year!!  I was so excited to begin a new project yesterday!  Clicking along... enjoying the feel of this wonderfully soft merino wool... Liking the way things were shaping up.... or so I thought!

This is how the little lace peak should look... then, there is this:

All I can tell you is that they unravel much faster than they knit up!!  LOL!

I'll be starting OVER this evening.  Bummer.  Oh, well, it goes fast with this big gauge!  Wish me better luck on round two! 

Blessings ~ tanna

PS to my knitting buddies... I don't have a way to e-mail some of you back, but YES, I plan on being there for coffee, at least for an hour (I have a prior commitment at noon).  Yea!!
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