Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Holly Jolly Christmas...

It was a busy, jam-packed, fun-filled Christmas once we got past the stomach bug!  Our traditional Porch Picture was changed up a bit due to cold raindrops which turned to giant, gorgeous snowflakes on Christmas Day!  Oh, what fun we had!

Candy Making was fast and furious so we could all pile in the bed of Pop Pop's pickup for a ride through Santa Land...

But, here's how candy making is best enjoyed!!  Our official Tasters.  ;)

This crew has probably crossed two state lines by now on their journey home... I send them God's speed and safety... My best gift was time with all my loves.  I deeply appreciate the time carved into all our family's schedules for us.  There is truly nothing like spending time with those you love.

Hoping each of you enjoyed the Holy sweetness of this special time of year...

Blessings ~ tanna

Friday, December 14, 2012

The Lost Week...

It almost feels like we lost a week of our lives... we had the stomach bug... bad.  Really bad.

Alex was the first one down...

The our Little Roo... who had the worst case of all!  His Mom and I were at the emergency room with him after he threw up 17 times in four and a half hours... all the last being just pitiful little dry heaves.  Broke my heart.  Broke. my. heart.  It was a full week before he totally stopped.  His Mom and I had our share and his Daddy just got over  his.   Bad stuff!

Recently, I had told my son that the hardest part of being a parent (and grandparent) is to see your children/grandchildren suffer in any way... and to not be able to take that suffering from them... That never goes away...  Even as they are grown and have their very own...

Sometimes all we can do is encourage them that they can make it... that they can do whatever they need to do...

Hold their hands when they reach for us...

Love them without cease...

And pray that God keep them ever in His hands...

An unexpected joy has been realizing that not only was I happy with my decision to pea gravel my shady little backyard for my own enjoyment, but it has turned into a wonderful playground as well!! 

Is this not the most precious pose... he was wanting his Mom to take a picture of him sporting Pop Pop's cap... Folded little hands... cutting his eyes ever so slightly to be sure she was getting the shot... Pure preciousness (pardon my Noni glee).

Yep, in spite of the plague, we have had a wonderful, if rough, two weeks!

Looking forward to seeing our girl grands this weekend!!  There will be candy-making at Noni's!!  I can hardly wait!!! 

blessings ~ tanna
ps a special thanks to Little Momma for getting the shots of the boys with my camera while I enjoyed playing... =D

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Merry Christmas to All...

My Little Men are six hours away... That's my driving time, not theirs (you know the Little Men are not FOR driving straight on like a bat-out-of-Hades as their Noni is).  They are on the second leg of a long journey home for Christmas.  I say "home" because when his Daddy asked Little Man if would he rather live in Texas or Virginia, he said, "What's Virginia?"  That counts as considering Texas as home, doesn't it?

I hope he always feels like this is home, too.

I have a few more hours of flurried busy-ness before I swoop him out of his car seat and become all his and his brother's for as much time as I can claim.

That said... if I don't make it back until they pull out of the drive... I'm sending my heartfelt wishes for each of you to enjoy a season of love and hope and promise...

Moments of quiet... to appreciate the gifts... not the gifts under the tree, but the ones God has given us... The gift of His Son... the gift of redemption... the gift of comfort in the Holy Spirit... of His Love...

Moments of laughter and joy and friends and family...

Moments of... Thank You, Father...

blessings and hugs and Merry Christmas to all....


Monday, November 26, 2012

Cowls, Owls and False Starts

I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  We traveled west to visit my Mom and gorged on turkey, dressing and pumpkin pie

Laughed and loved and visited with siblings and nieces and Mom!! 

Came home to do some Elf Work and be blessed by lunch with Evan's daughter, Audra and her husband, Brian.

Then, feasted on a pot of delicious, homemade chili with Zachary and Candice and The Girls.  Oh, my, what good, sweet loves we enjoyed!!  I don't know if there is much else that gives me such pleasure as to be welcomed to my children's homes and offered their hospitality.  I think that must be one of my big "love languages".  And, Zach outdid himself with his chili recipe! 

Now, on to owls... Well, this has been the year of owls for me and  I  love this little pattern:  Chouette (details on my Ravelry page).   This was my second version... I thought the first too small... now, this one fits Noni... hmmm... may have to try again so I can keep this one for myself! 

AND, my friend, Kim wore a beautiful owl-bordered shawl last week and had me all excited about starting one of my own.  Knit this much (almost two skeins) in the car during travels... but, I'm not satisfied with the gauge.  A false start.  Bummer.  I'll be ripping it out, dropping down a needle size and giving it another go. 

Oh, the cowl is a Noro pattern: Slip Stitch Cowl (Details on my ravelry page here).

Lots to do!  The Little Men will be pulling into Texas later this week!!  My heart is singing!

blessings to all ~ tanna

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Slipcover and The Singer

This fall I have been in a mode of morphing... Morphing from a prior attempt at lighter colors back to my more comfortable darks...

In this process, I attempted a slip-cover for the wingback on the left.... My first attempt at a slipcover...

Maybe my last.... But, that's another story.  Finished it and then... I just didn't like it in the spot I had planned for it... Bummer... It's currently banished to The Last Frontier of my house cleaning!

One of the more fun things of this little venture was the discovery that my ancient Singer was as good as gold.  I have a newer machine... but, with MULTIPLE layers of drop-cloth canvas and big trim, it just bogged down.  Not, this old girl!  I tell you, I always come back to Old Girls one way or another. 

This beautiful old machine still has the sticker from the Charleston, South Carolina shop where it was "re-built".  It was my Mom's.  She sewed LOTS on it.  Someone probably sewed LOTS on it before she got it.  I sewed LOTS on it; but, it had been YEARS since it had had work.  I just dusted it and oiled it... and it was off like a flash.  You've just got to love that. 

Let's dust ourselves off... oil ourselves up... and stitch on!!  Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with the joy of discovering something that "still works".  ;)

blessings ~ tanna

Thursday, November 15, 2012


There are different seasons in life...

There is a season you must learn to say NO.  Draw boundaries.  Keep from overspending yourself. 

Then, there seems to be a season to learn to YES again. 

Recently while I was climbing the stairs to the back deck, God reminded me of an old joke. You know, the one about the guy on the roof during a flood.  He prayed for God to help him. 

A boat passed by and he said, "No, I'm waiting on the Lord."  A helicopter flew over, tried to get him and the man said, "No, I'm waiting on the Lord."  He was washed away in the flooding waters. 

In heaven, he asked God why He didn't help him.  God replied, "I sent a boat and a helicopter, why didn't you get on either one?"

So, I understood it was time to say YES to some of the things God sent my way... Okay, a couple He may have sent more than once.  I'm just sayin'. 

I have been so blessed by the YES.

This gorgeous pumpkin arrangement was made by a wonderfully creative and amazing lady who I am getting to know better... along with a dozen others in one of my YES decisions.

I am inspired.

This season of Thanksgiving, I am thankful for the gifts of YES.  If it is your season of YES,  I hope you can open your arms and your heart to the potential today.

Could there possibly be a more handsome Little Man waiting to go to school earlier this week (yes, I know many of you have just as handsome Little Men!!)?  How could we survive without texts and facetime?  ;) 

blessings ~ tanna

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Sweetest Visitors...

Just look at that face!! 

We were delighted by a visit from this Little Lady, her Daddy and one of her Big Sisters on Saturday.  I think unsolicited moments... whether visits... or sugars... or "I love yous"... or smiles... or hugs...  are my most treasured and joyful treats!!

At just over two months, she is smiling and cooing and, oh, so sweet!!

Little Lady was telling her Daddy something very important... and her Daddy is wrapped tight around her tiny little pinky... along with a string of others of us...

She has a couple of precious big sisters and we sooooo enjoyed visiting with Miss Karsyn, too!!

Pop Pop also got in his conversations with Little Lady... I think she likes the boys!!  ;)

Wishing each of you an unsolicited visit of JOY today... blessings ~ tanna

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Like a child...

Earlier this week, I enjoyed another birthday. 

And last week, a big box arrived with a note on the outside that said:  "For photographing your amazing knitting creations, Happy Birthday!  We love you so big -- bigger than the sky, to the moon and back!  Amanda, Jerry, Alex and Roo*"

While saving it to open on my birthday (I like my prizes ON my birthday... takes some of the sting out of being another year older!), I was SURE it was a tripod since mine toggles like a dashboard bobble-head jostling down the brick streets.

I was soooo surprised and delighted when I realized it was a dress form!!  Evan was baffled for awhile as he pulled out the pieces to assemble... but, I knew in a heartbeat!! 

Now, after you have planted yourself firmly on the far side of the mid-century mark, there aren't that many prizes that make you jump up like a child with a new toy; but, this one did!!

I had her draped and out on the porch... with her little black cover on and off... you can see the lint from the black, but I was too excited to slow down and pick them off before taking more photos...

Believe me... you have been spared.  There were lots more.  ;)

Thank you so MUCH, my Little Men and Co.!!  Noni played like a kid for a morning! 

So true... So true... (as a matter of fact, this was another sweet and precious prize from the same crew... awhile ago... still treasured.)

I wish for each of you to find some child-like joy in your day!  blessings ~ tanna

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fall Fun...

Thursday and Friday of this week were jam-packed with fall fun.  Friday, I met my good friend, Barbara, in Canton for the First Monday Trades Days.  This cute little tea pot, creamer and sugar bowl are among my favorite ever Canton finds!!

I also had the great fortune of being able to meet one of my blogging friends... also a fellow knitter/yarn addict, old bungalow lover...  Canton shopper...

Steph from Woolythyme.  She is even more wonderful in person!! 

And, on Thursday... Got an excellent hair cut by my long, long time friend Kathy... then, she and I had lunch with Zachary AND on to...

See this Little Lady... Sooooo enjoyed the treat of feeding, burping and changing her!!  Two months old this week!  Time flies!! 

And, I whipped through a wonderful fall patternThe Lonely Tree by Silvia Bo Bilvia at Soft Sweater Knits & Fibres.  Simply LOVED it!!  The yarn is Madelinetosh Tosh Vintage 100% superwash merino wool:  colorway - Golden Hickory.  More to come... it is staked out on the bed blocking.  ;) 

Wishing you all some Fall Fun in your day... blessings ~ tanna
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Numbers 6:24-26

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the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you;
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