Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sad Story With a Very Happy Ending...

Last week I finished this little cardigan just in time to take it with me on my trip to the Soon Y. Warren watercolor class... Loved the yoke...  the sweet little crochet button holes (note Vicki, I did do a little crochet).... the luscious Madelinetosh Sock Yarn: Whitewash... the way the colors seemed so suited to the design and the name of the pattern:  Low Tide by Tin Can Knits.

I had great visions of wearing it with a white t-shirt and faded jeans (my favorite attire in the world)... Then I tried it on... All the hours of knitting were in vain... The thing came to my knees!!  I was crushed!  Dang these squatty little stubs I have for legs!

Finally, it did occur to me that I had tall, thin, beautiful friends at our LYS, Rose Path....

And, so in a matter of minutes, this Low Tide Cardigan found its rightful owner.  My friend, Laura, makes it look like I imagined it would on me.  ;)

Dog-gone-it seems like those long, skinny legs I've always hoped for may not make it in this lifetime...

But, HAPPY ending for me, Laura had just finished this Baktus scarf in a yarn that she and I had each LOVED... Sweet lady that she is... gave me the beautiful scarf that she made IN the beautiful yarn I had coveted.  Score!!  All those hours were very worth the while.   I'm a happy camper.

There has been very little knitting this week.... I am deep in the waters of repeating my painting from the class... I'm loving it so far. 

Wishing each of you a week with happy endings...

blessings ~ tanna

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Marathoners, Melanoma, iPhone photos and Super Heroes

I saw this license plate three times over the course of one week... Every. single. time. my heart lurched just a bit.  Some of you know I've struggled to get past not being able to run anymore (knee).  When I would see this, I would think about how some people run and how some people are runners.  Letting go of the "I am a runner" part of my life has been hard... very hard.  Ultimately, seeing this X RUNR tag gave me an odd little sense of comfort... I am an ex-runner. 

The tragedy at the Boston Marathon this week is devastating.  I cannot begin to fathom the thinking that makes someone desire to hurt others like that.

I was asked if I thought people would run the Boston Marathon again.  My answer is a resounding, "Yes!"   While most marathons don't, Boston Marathon requires that you qualify by running a certain time for your age; I never ran that fast.  You can be sure that the people who do qualify are runners... to their very coreThey don't give in; they don't give up; they don't listen to the voice that says it would be easier to quit.  They are used to overcoming pain; to pushing past the wall; to thriving; to diving deep in their souls for the will to push on to the finish.  Those who can will be back.  They will not succumb to the darkness, to the evil.  They will carry the torch for those who can't.  I will carry it for them in my heart.

On the next subject, one year ago this week, I was about to have surgery on my leg for this melanoma.  If there is anything the combination of this memory and the events in Boston says, it is to enjoy each day.  We NEVER know how many days we have.  I was so very lucky that they could remove this entire thing and that it had not spread.  One of my favorite blog friends was not so fortunate; she passed away earlier this year.  Get your check-up.  The warning signs:

A: asymmetry.  One half unlike the other half.
B: border.  Irregular, scalloped or poorly defined border.
C: color.  varied from one area to another.  shades of tan and brown, black: sometimes white, red or blue
D: diameter.  while melanomas are usually greater than 6mm (the size of a pencil eraser) when diagnosed, they can be smaller.
E: evolving.  a mole or skin lesion that looks different from the rest or is changing in size, shape or color.

Now, this... well, it just makes me smile... a texted photo of My Little Roo, usually in such a good humor; he dances along through life hearing his own sweet music.  But, he can throw himself down in a pure little hissy-fit when he feels it is required... with real, crocodile-size tears.  If you don't believe me, just deny him some M&Ms.  His Little Momma is so good... she doesn't give in to the tantrums.  Noni... well, I offer the M&Ms before he has to ask.  ;)

And, on another smiling note... we all need our Super  Heroes... these two caped crusaders just make my days.  I'm so thankful for the invention of texting photos! 

Enjoy every. single. breath... every. single. moment. with your loved ones... every. single. chance. you have to give thanks... These moments are precious.

blessings ~ tanna

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mermaid Murals and Midnight Roses...

Well, it's time for my once-a-year journey into watercolor... This weekend I'll be enjoying the teaching of Soon Y. Warren... really, the only person who ever inspires me to touch a brush. 

I was in a dark mood when I decided to push the paint around a bit in hopes of not feeling quite as awkward in the the upcoming class... but, time has been slim and practice time VERY limited.  So, I'll just be jumping in the deep... again. 

If you're familiar with watercolor, you can see several of the lessons I managed to remind myself NOT to do in this little exercise.  ;)  Still, I'm feeling a little excited... watercolor can do that to you.  It participates.  And, it is a worthy friend or foe.  Either way, I'll be taxing my brain for three days.  Wish me luck.

On, a lighter note... I enjoyed Mermaid Mural time with Karsyn this past week.  She was a very intense little Paintress!  And, did beautiful work!

Her sister, Little Lady was on Noni's hip and the saddest thing of the week is that I have no photos!  She was VERY busy trying to help Noni capture these few moments (there were dozens that were way too blurry to see!).  At seven months old now, she is a busy little bundle of PURE JOY!!

Sad. Sad. That I didn't get a final shot of Karsyn's masterpiece!  It was fantastic and great fun!! Thank you, Aunt Amanda, for the excellent idea.

If ever there was a moment that I might forget what a wonderful, kind, generous group of women I enjoy knowing through your blogging, you brought it sharply to my attention with all of your sweet words about Aunt Dot and Miss Ellen.   Thank you again and again.  I know so many of you are "Aunt Dots" in your own right... I am blessed to know all of my Ladies of Inspiration.  Thank you.

blessings ~ tanna

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Early Morning Walk...

The night lights were still on this morning as I walked through our neighborhood.  I mused about the busy week of travel and fun and sorrow.   We enjoyed a  wonderful Easter visit with our Little Men & Co..  But, lost a most special Aunt on Easter Sunday, too.

After returning home Monday, I traveled to West Texas for her funeral Tuesday and home again yesterday.  There were a lot of miles to think.

Aunt Dot was one of two women who I most wanted "to be like when I grew up".  Miss Ellen, the second of the two, passed away last fall.  Both women were incredibly GRACIOUS.  They extended a warmth that made everyone they met feel special.  Highest of high or lowest of low.  They had a deep, gentle respect for all souls. 

They were smart.  And, wise.

They were STRONG women.  Fiercely loyal.  Fiercely loving.  You would not want to tangle with  either of them, especially over their families or their convictions.  They were spitfires

On the other hand, they exuded kindness and compassion.  Both worked as nurses.  Both raised families.  Neither was exempt from hardship, heartache or disappointment; yet, neither allowed those times to define them.  They faced troubles head-on and moved forward.

They were not frivolous or silly women; yet their laughs were easy, their smiles contagious and their eyes danced with love.  Love of life.  Of God.  Of family and friends.

They lived their lives with a strong sense of self and honor and integrity.  They were humble.  Both made you want to be a better person.  Because they were

They selflessly gave of themselves to others... always.  Yet, it was not in a martyr-like way or out of sense of obligation or duty... they gave from a place of strength and joy

I will never forget the first Thanksgiving morning I felt that joy...

I was the only one up in the dark, early morning hours washing the turkey to stuff and get cooking so that it would be ready at lunch... the house was quiet.  Now, there had been many times before when I would be up alone doing "work" for a day that I would have had a pity-party for myself.  Not this Thanksgiving morning... I felt such a sense of peace and such a flood of love and gratitude... a closeness to God... all pouring into the washing and preparing of that turkey for my family... The blessing was all mine.
I know now that was the way Aunt Dot did it... with love... and with joy.

I'm not always successful in remembering that moment or the way to serve with love; but, I am ever, ever grateful for knowing women who could.... who did... every. single. day.  They had a Gift and they shared it with all of us who were fortunate enough to be blessed by having them in our lives. 

I'm runnin' out of daylight to "be like them when I grow up"... I hope in some way they both know how deeply I admire and respect their strength and their graciousness...   And, how I know I'll never make it, but they still make me want to be better than I am...

Until later, Aunt Dot and Miss Ellen...

As Aunt Dot would say, "Just remember who you are."

blessings ~ tanna
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Numbers 6:24-26

The Lord bless you and keep you;
the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you;
the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.