Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Snow Mail and Dreambird

My Big Little Man wanted to share some of his snow adventures this past week in an e-mail:

Dear Noni,

I love you so much. Here's a picture of me playing in the snow. And one of Roo, too, who was having fun on the porch swing while I made snowballs.


I have a feeling it won't be too long before he is able to send e-mails all on his own the way he handles his Dad's and Pop Pop's iPads!  Love. love. love these e-mails (and that he shares his Momma's photography skills with his Noni).  Just makes my day!

Then, there was this sweet, sweet Little Angel and her Daddy that popped up on my phone while I was on the way to BSF last night!!  Talk about making a Noni smile!  Thank you, Candice!  She is growing so very fast.

And, slowly the Dreambird is growing.  I've been frustrated by days with no knitting at all.  But, I am loving the way it is turning out.  After the third feather, you really don't even have to look back at the pattern... very intuitive flow. 

Thank you to the Little Mommas who make my days... ;)

blessings ~ tanna

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Vote is In...

The vote is in!!   Thank you so much to all who contributed to this process!!  We voted:

Keep it green:       11

Like green, but defer to BLM's love of dark b-yue (myself in this category):        8

B-yue:        8 (including one VERY important vote of Big Little Man)

The B-yue wins it 16 - 11

Thanks again for making this a fun project!!

blessings and thanks ~ tanna

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Captivated and a Vote

Captivate:  To capture as by beauty or excellence. (New Webster's Dictionary)

Recently, I saw a pattern on Ravelry that absolutely captivated my imagination!  I couldn't wait to start.  With a choice of only dark brown, bright orange or pastel green as a mohair background color, I forged ahead with dark brown because I just could. not. wait. a moment longer. (If you look around, you can tell I don't hate the color brown.)

Dreambird by Nadita Swings.

Four feathers down and several more (about 16) to go, I simply love it.  However, note that my tailored, conservative daughter did confirm my suspicions that this does not qualify as an "heirloom knit":  as in, she will not really appreciate this one after I'm "gone".  LOL!  While I on the other hand can hardly wait to don my wings.  (Though it does look like I won't be able to take flight for awhile... I'm slow with this one.)

The Monster has a mouth.  Now, for a votechange the green trim to dark b-yue or leave it green?

May something captivate your imagination this week...
blessings ~ tanna

Friday, January 18, 2013

Monster Mail

Dear Noni,

I asked Mommy to take my picture with my monster creation. When she showed it to me, I asked her to send it to you. I love you and miss you! All my love and hugs.

To the moon and back – bigger than the sky!

I was so excited to receive this sweet e-mail from my Big Little Man.  He LOVES monsters.  And, I was very, very happy he wanted to share his beautiful little monster creation with his Noni... from miles and miles away.  Melts my heart.

Then, for just a moment, I was a bit wistful about the dark b-yue (that's blue), not light b-yue Monster Hat that had been lost before he even got his mouth sewn on at Christmas.  Oh, the struggles to create a hat that passed Big Little Man's approval!  He is very sure of the things he yikes (likes) and he doesn't yike.  Nothing wishy-washy about this Little Man.  Nothing. 

To tell the truth, the Monster Hat really didn't pass the test either.  He did not like the green trim; it's all about the b-yue.  And, while his mom and I did like the green, Roo was much more willing to sport it around than Little Man.  I'm just sayin'. 

Still, since we had worked so hard... his Momma diligently stitched the eyes and tooth and horns on as quickly as I could get them off the needles... it was a sad day when the Monster couldn't be found.  We had all given up on it as lost.

Same day as the Monster Mail:  Pop Pop comes in the house with a "guess what I found when I took the hay bales out of the back of my truck" shout and a wet, muddy, hay-smelling, hay-covered Monster Hat!

I'll have to admit, in that moment, I was glad Little Man had chosen an acrylic yarn!  LOL!  Now, the Monster Hat is clean and dry and will finally get his mouth this weekend then find its way to my monster lover (or his little brother). 

Maybe things aren't always as lost as we think... who knows when they might pop up again!

blessings ~ tanna

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

And the knitting continues... therapy for a Noni who is not seeing her Little Ones. 
This pattern is 200 Yard Scarf by Iris Schreier.  Details here on Ravelry.
It was a bright, fun piece of fluff knitting!

This pattern is GAP-tastic Cowl by Jen Geigley.  Details here on Ravelry.
It is so very soft and warm!  Made of the same yarn  as Roo's Chouette (owl) Hat.

The bookkeeping frenzy continues... along with tending the Old Girls... I'm ready for some slow, lazy days!! 

blessings ~ tanna

Monday, January 14, 2013

These are a few of my favorite things....

Emails and snail mails, and texts and phone calls... these are a few of my favorite things...

This Little Angel is growing like a weed and oh, so, precious!!  I LOVE the text photos that come my way.  Her sweet little Momma is dear to my heart for sharing her this way.

Then, there is Roo.  He has fast moved himself to the top of Noni's knitting list because he loves to wear... and apparently model... his Noni's Knits.  If you want to see him VOGUE for his Momma, who sent me these wonderful photos, check them out on Our Little Adventures of Happiness.  

Oh, and my Alex... He says he isn't Little Man anymore.  He IS the big brother, you know.  He answered his Momma's phone today and wanted to know why he couldn't see me (he's used to FaceTime!).  So big.  So sweet!!

And, oh, how I love snail mail, too!!!  So nice to get "Happy Mail" in the mailbox!!  Audra is doing a wonderful job parenting by teaching her children to write Thank You notes.  Sweet.  Sweet.  Sweet!   Which reminds me, I am WAY behind on writing Thank Yous myself!!  YIKES!! 

Hope a few of your Favorite Things are finding their way into your day...
blessings ~ tanna

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hogwarts Express: A New Favorite

This shawl is the first thing off my needles in 2013 and I am loving the owls!!

Pattern:   Hogwarts Express by Susan Ashcroft.
Yarn:  Shirakaba by Noro
The Scoop on Ravelry is here.

LOVE.  LOVE.  LOVE the owls!!

I'm hitting the bookkeeping like a madwoman!  Those 1099s are not going to get themselves sent if someone (who may have been a slacker the last month of the preceding year) doesn't get caught up!  LOL!  Wishing you all a wonderful week...

blessings ~ tanna

Friday, January 4, 2013

Knitting Review 2012


Dinner in the Eiffel Tower. by Jessie Doddington.

Photos by Amanda

Collaboration with Amanda:  Clown Bonnet for our Roo's first birthday (crochet base)!!    ????

Fleegle's Seamless Saartje Booties by Susan Glinert Stevens.

Photo by Lauri.

Whew!!  There are even a few that there are no record of... But, compared to many of knitting friends, I am still a slacker in the Finished Object department.

Bet you're glad this is over!  Me, too!  ;)

Have a wonderful weekend!  blessings ~ tanna
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