Friday, July 30, 2010

Haruni - My First Lace Shawl

In my spare moments, I've been hunkered over this little basket of goodies for the past couple of weeks.

Hand-dyed wool with a smidgen of silk and bamboo.

Finally, to be able to block it... wet and staked out with pin after pin, waiting to dry and be done.

I continue to be absolutely amazed at how a ball of string (yarn) and two sticks (knitting needles) can be wielded to create objects such as this... I continue to marvel that someone ever imagined how to!

This is an Emily Ross pattern called Haruni, which means grandmother (in Tolkien's elfin language).

It is exciting to be done... But, I'm movin' on...

And, I have already started on the next project...

It is pink... pale, soft pink.   (no... that doesn't mean I'm looking forward to another Little One yet) 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

You'll Be Glad You Did...

Take the few minutes today to watch this...


You will be glad you did... Love and Peace... Tanna

Sunday, July 25, 2010


I've spent much of July alone.  Evan has had one or the other reason he has had to be away some part of every week while not working.  The TV has been off.  I've been on my computer for limited time. 

I've had lots of time to think.  I've read.  I've knitted.  I've taken a few photos.

Through the week, I've met plumbers and appliance repairmen at one or the other of the Old Girls.  I've done bookkeeping, gone to the bank, shopped for groceries, and tended my plants. 

As I was taking these photos, I was thinking how much I have always admired people, places or things that seem to thrive in the face of adversity.  It is a brutal heat and these plants are beautiful.  Then I realized that they are not really doing anything outside what they were designed for...  They flourish in our summertime... where others would fail.  In the winter, they will be gone.

They are here for a season... this is their season.

I will enjoy them while they are here.

I will tend them while they are in my care.

And, then I will let them go.

Just finished The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.  Good read.  I've started a lace shawl, which I saw on a blog a few weeks ago.  Imagine that!  I downloaded the pattern, called Haruni.  To my amusement, the name haruni means grandmother in Quenya, Tolkien's elven language. 

And, in spite of my other succulents decline, the "rescue" plant is thriving.  I'm letting myself off computer quarantine and will be visiting soon.  Hope your day has at least one good ah-ha moment.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Heat Wave...

Just came in from feeding the cat, the fish and reloading the bird feeders.  It's seven PM and it is still quite warm.  We are under a "heat advisory", meaning that even though it is in the 90's it "feels like" the mid-100's.

I have to confess, that just as I feared, my succulent raising ability is weak at best.  This little guy used to look like this:

No more.  Two of my little favorites have bitten the dust... Fortunately, the one I rescued is doing great.  I don't know if I over watered the fallen ones or if we just had too much rain, but I need to find replacements (maybe not succulents).  Let me just tell you that the rest of my plants LOVE to be watered!  Miss one day and this is what you get:

Good news is that he perked right back up with a good soaking!  My friend, the red dragonfly, is not daunted by the heat... I love that!

Think cool thoughts...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Finishing Things...

I've been in a frenzy of "finishing things".  Projects that were long and hard... or long and boring.

This is the "Afghan from --ll" that, in the beginning, I had to take out as many stitches as I could leave in.

I can honestly say this project took me to the next level of knitting.  I have graduated to low-intermediate.  It allowed me to complete the Clara dress with hardly a glitch.  I like things that take us to the next level... rarely are they accomplished without some angst, however.

This project had been hanging around like a noose for about five years; and, I really did very little of it.  My friend, Dee, put in the hard work.  I just finished up a few squares around the edge and the face, blocked it and it is now ready to put on a frame.  Then it will really be finished.

I know this picture is a blur!  I couldn't manage to figure out how to change the seconds of delay on my timer and I was too bent on FINISHING my photos to go find the manual.  Boo hiss!  This is prayer shawl I started while in Dallas keeping Little Man last fall during his mom's work time. 

I am glad to have cleared these things out of my bin of things-left-unfinished.  I think my urge to complete them has something to do with my urge to complete some unfinished business within myself.  Don't our lives usually reflect our inner workings? 

My camera had been in Longview for a week... left behind at out last gathering with Little Man and his folks before they headed home.  This was the wonderful surprise I had when I downloaded my photos from this morning... a last photo his mom must have snuck in for me.  Thank you for the lagniappe, Amanda.  =)
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy Birthday, Little Man!

A year ago today, I was still on the road... racing as fast as I could to meet this Little Man.  He made it into the world before I could make the sixteen hour drive... but, I did get to hold him within a few hours of his birth.  Oh, how special that was!  Indescribable!

It hardly seems that a whole year could have passed so quickly...
Yet, so slowly, too...
We've missed so many precious moments; yet, treasured the ones we have been blessed to enjoy. 
His mom and dad are doing such a fine job raising him.  I am so proud.

Two weekends ago, we celebrated Little Man's birthday, while he was here in Texas.  He didn't really know what to think about his Longhorn cake... but, he was sure lovin' the pancakes his mom made him this morning! He had his very own special birthday breakfast.  (I am thankful for Skype... let's me "sort of" be there...)

Little Man... you are the most wonderful blessing in all our lives.  I am thankful every moment of every day that you are ours... You are so very loved.  Happy Birthday, Alex! 

I miss you all... Give my Little Man some lovin' from his Noni.  XOXOXOXOXOXOX
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Numbers 6:24-26

The Lord bless you and keep you;
the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you;
the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.