Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Power of Love...

I fall in love with The Old Girls over... and over... and over...  For those of you who don't know, The Old Girls are our multi-family treasures in the National Historic Districts where we live.  This one is a duplex built in the 20s.  People frequently ask if they were originally single family; the answer is no.

There were some amazingly elegant duplexes and fourplexes built in Tyler during the early days of its growth... and the oil boom....

Then, there was the decline of this wonderful old neighborhood, just as in many others across our country.  Revitalization slowly began in the late 70s.

Even after the revitalization of this area and the designation as historic districts, the multifamily properties often languished... disdained by neighboring homeowners and bled out by uncaring investors.  I hated them too... however, I've always believed if you don't like something, you need to work to do something about it or quit your 'fussing'.  ;)

So, six years ago, this was our first Old Girl to "bring back".  The floors were sagging and covered in filthy carpet... the walls had cheap paneling... what paint there was was curled and flaked... F.I.L.T.H... and neglect. 

But her ailing bones were magnificent.

While we did have to add these things to modernize the kitchen, there are still the original cabinets, sink and countertop (had to add dishwasher... who wants to wash the dishes)... 

My one regret was the choice of this vinyl for the kitchen, bath and utility room.  Still hate it.

We had to replace the sink and toilet, but retained the tub and added subway tile for the shower surround.  We almost always add beadboard to the baths along with the sheetrock.

We added crown molding to every room (I cannot have rooms without crown molding), sheetrock to the walls, ripped out the carpets and had the floors stained and refinished.  We won't talk about the jacking up of the floors and adding piers or the plumbing issues or the electrical work.  ;)

As Evan and I walked through it last week getting ready to lease it again, he said he STILL can't believe how it used to look and how it does now... I just fall in love all over again...

Such a sweet, young couple... full of hope and dreams... bright and shiny stars... moved in this past weekend.  We have been so blessed by the people we have met and by the honor of being caretakers for these beautiful Old Girls. 

The power of love is a good thing.

blessings ~ tanna

Sunday, October 28, 2012


It's been so long since I've made a post, I feel like I've forgotten how.  It started with a self-imposed "break" from my computer.  I allowed myself only 30 minutes early in the morning to check e-mails and whatever other quick peeks I could squeeze in to that half-hour.

I also took a four week break from knitting in my effort to get things done that I do NOT enjoy doing.

There has been closet cleaning, laundry room organizing, pantry cleaning, three Old Girls getting face lifts (exterior paint and repairs), tax filing, golf tournament playing, visits to the Little Men, their visits here, visits to the Little Lady, celebrations of SIL finishing his chemo, celebrating birthdays and I CONSTANTLY feel like there isn't enough time... enough energy... enough focus... but, there is.  God always gives me enough... sometimes I think there isn't, but there is... enough.

Anyway, I stayed gone so long it feels a little awkward to try to get started back.  I have loved your e-mails, your messages, your kindness.  I have missed you.  I'm going to try to breathe-in and know that there is enough... and I that can do this, too. 

Thank you, again.  blessings ~ tanna
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Numbers 6:24-26

The Lord bless you and keep you;
the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you;
the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.