Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Needing Your Help...

The very first knitting project I did this year was to re-do the bind-off of this ruffled shawl.  This is the first shawl I ever made and it has remained a favorite... but the bind-off was too tight and caused the ruffle to curl.  Now, I didn't really realize this until last year as I learned new techniques on the shawls I made.  I had known I didn't like the way the ruffle curled, but didn't know what to do about it.

So for that first project of 2012, I worked to un-do the bind-off and put all the stitches back on the needle.  That's a LOT of backtracking folks.  But, it was well worth the effort... it relaxed the ruffle into a nice easy flounce on my brightly colored, happy shawl.  I love the result.

Yep, spring is coming.  Now, the point of this post is this:  I really, really want to be a good mother-in-law.  Starting over and re-doing things with people is much more difficult and seems to rarely work.  So, I'd like to gather information (like learning the techniques that helped that ruffle work) on what makes a good MIL.  I'm sure there are as many answers to that as there are people and so much of the answer depends on the parties involved... some folks are like oil and water... some are like pieces of the same fabric.  But, I know in our world, we share so much good.  I am so inspired and encouraged and challenged... I'm asking your input to try to start this project out well. 

I'm thanking you in advance for any words of wisdom... to the do or do not do file.  ;) 

blessings to all ~ tanna

Friday, February 24, 2012

Blush of a Promise, Donuts and a Big 6-0...

I'm off on another shawl, Promise Me by Boo Knits.  I've noticed a trend in my knitting:  lengthy time spent with the Little Men; separation by 1200 miles from the Little Men; immediately followed by... a surge in shawl production.

Therapy, baby.  Therapy.

Recently, we had the pleasure of attending one of our dear friend's 60th birthday celebration!

It was a Donut Party!!  Patrice made dozens and dozens of homemade donuts to celebrate Mike's birthday.  I think I want a Donut Party!  LOL.

There were plates set in every nook! 

And, only a few minutes after I took this photo, the table was COVERED with platters of hot, delicious donuts!  And, man they disappeared in a flash.  You had to be ready to elbow out the competition.  LOL!  So fun!  I couldn't get Blogger to let me upload any more photos this morning, but you can see Patrice's versions of paintings from Soon's classes.  The top one is the one that lured me into the watercolor world.  Love 'em! 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 

blessings ~ tanna

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Finished Sothia Shawl, Stolen Photo and Big Smiles...

Sand and Surf is ready for the beach!  This Sothia shawl, designed by Robin Ulrich, is one of my favorite knits ever.  Simple. Casual.  Elegant.  Everyday wearable.  Gotta love it.

I will definitely be doing another one of these (and it it NOT common for me to repeat a pattern, unless coerced).  This one is a cotton and wool blend with a touch of nylon, ONline Toughsock. 

Really looking forward to wearing it on the beach soon!! 

AND, there has been some really good news around here....

These two angels and their folks will be here in only a couple of weeks!  Coming in for an engagement party for their uncle!!  And, then they will be traveling with us to the beach for the wedding.  How wonderful is that!  I snuck this photo from their Momma.  =)   Thank you, Amanda.

This Noni has a big smile... heartbeats of heaven. 

Joining Kim at:

blessings ~ tanna

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Kinetik Mystery KAL-- D.O.N.E!!!

Finished this Kinetik Mystery Knit Along Thursday night and managed to get it blocked yesterday!  Laura Nelkin is the designer.  I used Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock yarn in Cypress with size 8 beads --2246 to be exact (I do notice a few little outliers that need to be massaged back into their places).

I learned two things for sure:  Sweet Georgia Tough Love is as tough as nails and lace-tip addis (my favorite brand of knitting needles -- it must stand for "addicting") are invaluable in a project like this!!

I'm  not sure I will ever do another project that you are required to string over 400 beads at a time (MULTIPLE times) onto the yarn and PUSH THEM ALONG as you work.  There could be a photo of my doing this in the dictionary under ANNOYED or FRUSTRATED.  Not a pretty sight.  Have I mentioned how tough Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock yarn is??

But, I am pleased with the final outcome.  I actually loved the center piece that united the two side triangles (in spite of my having to take it almost all out because I misread the instructions and was taking in two live stitches at each end instead of one).  Can I just say, it is less fun to go backwards than forwards.  ;)  My bad.

I also finished my Sothia (Sand and Surf), but haven't gotten it blocked yet.

My cute little blocking set wasn't large enough for either shawl, so Sand and Surf is next in line for the bed blocking station...

One down and one to go.  PLUS, I am about to start another exciting shawl by Boo Knits (with beads in a different method)!!  Can't wait! 

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend.  We are enjoying rain, blessed rain!!  Thank our Heavenly Father.  We need it so very much.  blessings ~ tanna

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Special E-mail... Thank you and XOXOXOXO to My Little Men!

Dear Noni and Pop Pop,

Happy Valentine's Day! We love you so much and hope you are having a great day!

We got to go to a music class and have lunch with our friends. At music class, we sang songs, played musical instruments and we even learned about some music symbols. And there were two giraffe puppets named Gigi and Jojo that sang with us. It was a lot of fun.

We also had a little photoshoot and Mom took some pictures of us in our Valentine's shirts. We hope you enjoy. XOXOXOXO

Love from all of us,
The Little Men

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Awards, Challenges and Focus

I relish the gorgeous splashes of hot pink fringe out my office windows!

I am a little behind in thanking Deborah, of Square Grannie, for this award.  Deborah's blog is new to me and I hope you will stop by and say hello.  I recognize her from Ravelry (a knitting and crocheting community).  I appreciate her kindness in passing this along to me.  Thank you, Deborah.

The rules are that you thank the person who passed the award to you; list seven random things about yourself; and then pass the award along to 15 other blogs.  I couldn't possibly pick only 15, so if you read this blog, consider yourself awarded!!! 

And, this morning on Ann, of Sutton Place's, I really enjoyed her post of a random 25 things about herself.  Soooo... I'm going to challenge myself to that (think it may be harder than one might imagine).  And, I'm inviting you to do the same... and pass along the award!  We are all versatile women!  LOL!  That falls under the definition of being a woman, doesn't it?

1.  I unexpectedly love the blog world!!  Never even knew about them.
2.  Came here almost kicking and screaming with my daughter (after a long distance move) with a six month promise.
3.  LOVE the people I have *met* here.
4.  I enjoy challenging myself...

5.  As a young student nurse, I was amazed while observing in surgery... the silent dance of surgeon and nurse.  No words, perfect moves, well executed operation.

6.  I felt, simultaneously, overwhelmed and fascinated... I challenged myself.  I studied hard.  I learned.  I danced.  Oh, how I loved the dance.

7.  For the years I worked in the operating room, I always said I that I would have paid to have been there if they had not paid me.

8.  I finally burned out.

9. I decided to switch to counselling... back to school for a psychology degree.

10. Midterm of junior year, feeling restless... not a good fit, took an aptitude test.

11. Switched to a finance degree... meant starting ALL over (who knew algebra and trig were NOT applicable to business math!  Did get to use statistics!!). 

12. LOVED business math and economics.

13. LOVED my computer classes!

14. LOVED my accounting classes!

15. Grew suspicious of investing in stock as I figured net present value, break even, stock valuation and reporting methods of a company's financials.

16. Developed a business plan of my own... involving historic multi-family properties. 

17. Bailed class again mid-term of my junior year to start the collection of The Old Girls.  Fortunately, I have a very supportive and adventuresome husband, who was and is on board with our plan.

18.  Have never looked back on that decision (especially in light of what COULD have happened to the monies we invested in the Old Girls had we left it in stocks like some of our other savings).

20. Am a firm believer that we are responsible for our own lives.

21.  And, like these photos show... a shift in focus can change our perspective.  If we only look close-up, we miss the waterfall.

22.  I can't throw or catch.  Failed every P.E. test that involved this activity; had TWO black-eyes trying to catch and/or bat; and (NOT on purpose) threw the keys on the roof when hubby dear insisted that I throw them to him one day.  He doesn't ask anymore.

23.  What I lack in coordination, I make up for in tenacity.  I've run four marathons and many, many, many long training runs... along with a few trail runs that would make any marathon pale in comparison of difficulty.

24.  I can't run anymore.  Left knee.  Today... at least most days, tears don't slide down my face when I'm passed by a runner.

25.  Now, I am a knitter, not a runner.

Hope to see some of you take up the award and the challenge!!

blessings ~ tanna

Sunday, February 5, 2012

On BIG News... Being MIA... and Sand and Surf

The BIG news is that in less than six weeks, I will have a daughter-in-law.  Zachary, the Hunter, will be taking Candice for his wife and bringing her two daughters into our lives as well!   I am very excited and looking forward to having a daughter-in-love and some grandgirls!  We've all been busy making arrangements for a beach wedding...

...which explains the MIA.  All available Internet time has been in search of accommodations and sending e-mails at the speed of light to coordinate schedules.   The good news is that a wedding spot has been secured along with lodging for all.  Whew!   I was delighted to have been invited to go with Candice to look for her wedding dress yesterday; and, that is settled, too!

How fortunate for me that I had started this shawl in the colors of sand and surf... dreaming of weighty linen and soft cotton; warm breezes and lapping waves; and, of course, picking up sea shells with my Little Men.  ;) 

I'm off to catch up with everyone!!  blessings ~ Tanna
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