Monday, February 17, 2014

Knitting Review 2013

Wasn't sure I was going to squeeze in a 2013 Knitting Review with the move business taking place... but, here we go.  Above is:

Hogwart's Express by Susan Ashcroft.

Gap-tastic Cowl.

 200 Yard Scarf.

Tasseled hat and Headband.





 Low Tide Cardigan.

Sweet Dreams a Boo Knit.

Bitty Bump.

CashSilk Fern Scarf.

The Big Easy. 

Down and Dirty:  A Quickie.


Love Train by Susan Ashcroft.

Rachel's Shawl by my Ravelry and blog friend, Melissa.  =)

Juneberry by Jared Flood.

Choo Choo Toques.

Thorpe: Roo's hat.

These next two cowls... Well, they were cast on 89, join and work in seed stich until you like it.
There was one more... a beautiful taupe... in the same yarn as The Happy Accident.

Palessie by my Ravelry friend, Diana. 

Morticia by Boo Knits.

And, FINALLY.... The Happy Accident.

WHEW!  My hat is off to you if you hung in there this long!  There was a lotta knittin' in 2013!  LOL!  Thank you so much for hanging in there with me all year long!

Joining Kim's Wow Us Wednesday. 

blessings ~ tanna 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Flower Power and Grand Girl Love

My favorite little shop in the woods, Rose Path Weaving, is trying out some new cotton yarn.  I am mad about the colors!  So, I volunteered to give it a test drive with the Flower Pillow pattern from Lucy of Attic 24 (round two of this little treasure of a pattern... for me, that's the highest praise to do something more than once).  LOVE IT!! 

AND, my friend, Laura at Beehive Rugs, was having a Children's Crochet class Saturday at Rose Path!  Two of my Little Angels did an amazing job of learning... and, Miss Laura did an amazing job of teaching!   It warmed my heart to bear witness to their sweet interaction.  Laura is very gifted teacher.

Ryleigh was VERY serious about this business!  She didn't even stop for snacks!  INTENT!  And, I loved it!
Karsyn was determined to get a tiny purse out of this effort!
However, the effort was so great she did need a little break... and snacks!  Soooo much fun! 
I loved the way they ran from color to color, texture to texture, design to design in the yarn shop... just like the rest of us do! 
The love of color... it runs deep. 
A special thank you to their little Momma for bringing them over so I could enjoy such a delightful day with all of them!  I hate I don't have a picture of Little Lady!  She is always a TREAT!  They hold their Noni's heart in their tiny little hands.  I am blessed indeed.
"You cannot wait for inspiration.  You must go after it with a club."
Jack London
blessings ~ tanna

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Love Letters...

Received this morning:

Dear Noni,

I miss you terribly these days. I melt down into tears when Mommy tells me it's "only" two and a half weeks until I see you. That's too "y-ong." Are we going to Chuck E. Cheese's when you come see us? I really want to go there with you and Pop Pop.

Yesterday Mommy asked me to tell her what I love about you. I told her, "Because I 'y-ove' her so, so, so, so, so, so much!" That answer didn't seem to satisfy because she kept asking. And I kept giving her the same answer. Oh, but once I did say that I y-oved that you and Pop Pop almost always have a prize for me when you see me!

I asked Mommy to give me a picture of you and me, and this is what she found. Do you y-ove it? I y-ove it! I'm holding on to it for the next two and a half weeks until we can get a new one made together. =)


My Precious, Precious Alex,

Sometimes Noni has melt downs missing you, too.  It breaks my heart to be so far from you... and in the times, once in October and again in December, that you in your most earnest and sincere way ask me why God would want us to be so far apart... it breaks even more.  I cannot believe He does.  But, I answer you that many times we cannot understand God's plan for our lives. 

You are so very serious and smart and kind.  You are a great protector and a lover of family.  You shine the light of God's love everywhere you go... in every life you touch... especially in mine.

I do so love that sincere heart of yours... you are your mother's child... and she her mother's.  Blood of my blood, heart of my heart, soul of my soul.  I do not know why we have to be so far apart... but, I do know that no matter where you are or what you are doing, my love never wavers or diminishes... it only grows.  And, when your mother asks you why you love me so much... and you answer that you "just y-ove her"... that is it.  We do just love each other.  Unconditionally.  Unchangeably. Forever and ever.  Period.  We are very, very blessed by that... no matter how many miles separate us.

I love you to the moon and back... bigger than the sky, my sweet Alex... Share that same love with your precious brother, Roo for me... until I can swoop you both into my arms in ONLY two and a half weeks...

Bigger than the sky... Noni
PS I think this is going to be more fun than Chuck E Cheese.  ;)

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Bohemian Rhapsody and The Big Ba-Nilla

You might have noticed that I've been MIA again.  This roller-coaster-ride of selling and buying a home has just been unbelievable at times.  I almost hate to write any of this down; but, today we finally came to an agreement on a home to purchase.  It ain't over 'til it's over, but we should close on both homes the first week in March.  Of course, we were 12 days from closing before... when it tanked... so, your guess is as good as mine.  At any rate, I'm taking a breather this afternoon.

I have finished the mixed stripey blanket  a.k.a. Bohemian Rhapsody.  I love its big snuggly-ness!  The hardest part was the edging... I'll share more on that later, if anyone is interested.

Then, before I was even done with the blanket... I saw this wonderful flower on Lucy of Attic 24.  It is just too much fun!!  It will be a pillow when it is finished.

I'm seriously noticing a color scheme starting to appear.  I ordered this beautiful bracelet from Sandy at Faith Hope and Love.  She has done such beautiful work!  And, her customer service is amazing.  You might want to hop on by; she is having a 14% off Valentine's Sale AND a giveaway!!  I'm just sayin'.

Anyway, that color scheme... we are gonna need it!  Or something!!  This is the possible future home... we call it The Big Ba-Nilla (vanilla) for obvious reasons.  Where every square inch of Tallulah, The Brick Street Bungalow, oozes character... the Big Ba-Nilla is an abyss... of none.  

My brain is whirling away though... It is going to be a challenge to breathe some life into this one.

But first, I could use some prayers that we make it through both closings... After that last deal, I'm feeling very anxious... and since buying my first home at 19, I've NEVER felt this way... it was always just exciting.  A little scary sometimes, but exciting!   This is not exciting.  It is stressful.

Once we've crossed that bridge... the CPR will begin.  ;) 

"And the Lord answered me and said, Write the vision and engrave it so plainly upon tablets that everyone who passes may read as he hastens by."  ~ Habakkuk 2:2

May your visions become clear...

blessings ~ tanna

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Numbers 6:24-26

The Lord bless you and keep you;
the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you;
the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.