Tuesday, December 26, 2017

A Different Kind of Christmas...

Our Christmas was very different this year... Just My Beloved and me... quiet time together... reading... knitting (good thing I got that yarn wound!!)... all in front of a big old fire! 

We enjoyed Candlelight Services on Christmas Eve... then a nice meal at home...

Early Christmas morning found us sipping our coffee by firelight... and Christmas lights...  and recalling Christmas Pasts...

We managed a VERY cold early morning walk before preparing and taking Christmas lunch to a homebound friend (six days post total knee replacement).   Lots of laughter and love in our visit with Troy and Kathy!  I won't say we didn't miss our Loves.  But, we focused the many, many blessings we enjoy... most of all The Gift of our Savior... and it was a good Christmas.

We'll be catching up with our Loves as the demands of Christmas pass... and we will treasure that time, until then, CHEERS to savoring the last week of 2017!!

blessings ~ tanna

Friday, December 22, 2017

Tidings of Peace and Joy

(Miss B front and center at her Christmas Program)
Christmas is fast approaching... And, with that, I'd like to wish you all a Merry, Merry Christmas... or Happy Holidays to those that do not celebrate as we do.

(Christmas 2016)
And, a Joyous and Blessed New Year...  All the very best in all things.

Winter came yesterday, though it would be hard to tell from the beautiful colors surrounding us... The winter's solstice is one of my favorite days... because I know, at its passing, each day will grow a little longer... until the spring comes again...  then summer... then fall... and repeat.  I love the changes... the gifts of each season.

I managed to wind yarn yesterday!!  Woo hoo!  A pattern and supplies are on deck for some soothing knitting ahead.  ;)

I hope your holidays hold the miracle of Peace that surpasses all understanding... and the knowledge that you are Loved beyond measure.

blessings ~ tanna

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Gingerbread House and FUN Christmas Bunting...

I had so much fun watching my youngest granddaughter, Blayklee, along with her kindergarten classmates, make Gingerbread Houses last week .  I think most of the kids ate as much candy as went on their houses!  Ha!  Though, our Miss B did eat some of her candy, she left no spot unadorned on her little house!

I enjoyed another FUN little Christmas project this past weekend...

This is a free pattern from Jen Tyler of Hooks 'n Tales called Ouma's Vintage Bunting.

It was fast, fun and so very festive!!  I made it as a gift for a friend...

But, both Evan and I were sad to see it go.  I may have to whip up another one if I can find the time!

Now that I think about it... Blayklee's VERY decorated Gingerbread House bears some resemblance to her Noni's VERY decorated side board.  If a little is good, a lot is better... right?  Only sometimes!   LOL!  We embrace our Griswold around here.  ;)

Wishing you all a week filled with WONDER and JOY...

blessings ~ tanna

Thursday, December 14, 2017

DPNs and Reindeer Fun!

I remember the very first time I held a set (this set) of Double Point Needles and wondered who in the world figured out how to take a fist full of sticks and a string and create something.  Coco O'Hare was my first project.  It was so exciting to watch that bunny grow! There were other bunnies and some chicks and a pair of chameleons that grew from sticks and string. 

Two Christmases ago, it was Rudy the Reindeer...

This year it has been a couple of these...

Strangely enough, this acrylic one is my favorite of the two.  It was my first.   

He was gifted to a friend.  My second is hanging on the tree. All these years later, I am still amazed at what can come from a fist full of sticks and a string.  ;)

The pattern is from the book, "55 Christmas Balls to Knit" by Arne and Carlos.  I have several years of amusement between these pages. After I bought the book, I noticed several free patterns on Ravelry.  Oh, well... I love all the little antidotes and photos... plus, there's nothing like a "real" book to hold and enjoy.

And, I really like my "sweatshirt sweater"!  I count that as a SUCCESS!  LOL!

I hope something in your week holds your imagination and amuses your soul...

blessings ~ tanna

Thursday, December 7, 2017


December 7, 1941.  So many thousands of lives changed that day... A ripple from one egregious act of aggression... Remembering and honoring those lives... 

Thought about them so much this morning on my walk.

I also savored the beautiful leaves and blossoms along the way.  It was a brisk 42 degrees, but heading to the 20s tonight.  I'm afraid many of the beautiful fall colors will be nipped away.  I have delighted in them.  There will be another season... God willing.

Last Saturday night we enjoyed the treat of Blue Moon Gardens' Luminaries... It was still and perfect... and the moon was majestic! 

One of my FAVORITE places... a place born of two friends' creative hearts... it feeds the souls of many, many creative ladies...

This baby is blocked!!  And, ready to wear... I'm a little nervous about trying it out.  I love the yarn and the color so much.  I really enjoyed knitting it.  I just HOPE I will enjoy wearing it!!  Planning to wear it to dinner on Saturday night.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  ;)

Prayers for peace around the world...

blessings ~ tanna

Monday, December 4, 2017

On Creativity...

I love learning new techniques... The neckline finish on this sweater by Carol Feller, Pistachio Saffron ended up being pretty cool!  I failed at my first attempt then checked the link on her pattern page to get a better idea how to go about it.  Worked great!

This is how it looked before doing the edging.  I finished the sweater last night and need to get it blocked before the cold front arrives Wednesday!  Yea!  I just hope I will WEAR and ENJOY it!  Ha!  My history with sweaters is weak.

The Christmas Spirit is slowly spreading through the house...

In that Spirit, I want to share this link with you:

Jeanne Oliver.com

LOVE this video... Resonates...

Tapping into our creativity... it's a good thing.

Wishing you a wonderful day!

blessings ~ tanna

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Numbers 6:24-26

The Lord bless you and keep you;
the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you;
the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.