Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stitch Markers, Summertime and Birthday Invitations

This is for all of you curious non-knitters out there.  The stitch markers Karen was so gracious to give away go on your knitting needle (this one is a circular needle so the mid-part is a plastic line) to mark a certain number of stitches.

This particular pattern has markers at every 10th stitch to deleniate a new repeat in the lace pattern.  Aren't these just too pretty sitting in the yarn?   Makes me happy just to look at them!  ;)

Now, these are my usual markers!!  A little piece of yarn... not nearly as attractive as the others, but they get the job done. 

I don't know about the rest of you, but blogging in the summer takes on a certain level of difficulty!  I find it hard to sit in front of the computer when the days are so long and beautiful. 

This photo came on through a text on my phone a few days ago.  How cool is that, when we get to almost instantly see a precious sight?  Gotta love modern technology.  Little Man was mailing his birthday party invitations...

Then, just a few days later Noni and Pop Pop were the excited recipients of a those cute invitations (go Amanda)!!  Yea!  Little Man will be turning three!  Hard to believe how quickly these precious years have flown past. Thank you, Little Man.  It is more wonderful to be wanted than I could ever say.  XOXOXOXO

Hope you are all staying cool.  It is a scorcher down this way today!  blessings ~ tanna

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pumpkin Sunrise Gift...

Monday afternoon I received the most wonderful gift in the mail.  Karen at Pumpkin Sunrise had a give-away of these beautiful handmade (by her talented sister) stitch markers.  I am the lucky winner and so excited to have these beauties!!  They will be put to lots of good use.  Karen is another knitting-addict with the cutest little sidekick, Frodo (her Schnauzer).   I love seeing all the amazing projects she knits and reading of her life!!  

For all the knitters out there, she did a wonderful post on socks yesterday and is going to continue with more!  While I am not a sock knitter (made one pair... they stay stuck in a drawer...  I just don't wear socks.), she almost made me want to try to love them... because SHE is so passionate about them.  Thank you so much, Karen.  I will treasure these gorgeous stitch markers!!

The background for the stitch markers is my current project.  Grrrrr.  I found the UFO (unfinished object) in my stash (while digging around for some yarn for another shawl).  I had barely started this top last fall and then the colors and the linen yarn just didn't feel like fall knitting... so, I stuffed it away.  Truth be told, I'm not lovin' it... but, I'm going to finish it.  I'm down to the sleeves now.  Then, there is the blocking... and the sewing together of all these parts...

The sewing together part is one of the many reasons I love knitting shawls... that, and they are my favorite thing to wear!!  ;)  You don't have to sew together a thing when you finish a shawl!! 

Thank you again, Karen!!  blessings to all ~ tanna

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Winkin', Blinkin' and Bobbin'

My little visitors returned today... They absolutely delight me!!  The young one had his "ears" up today... and he is just so stinkin' cute!!   I could stand in my office and look at him through the window.  There was a screen, a glass pane and two feet separating us.  He could hear me talking and would just lean his head attentively.  We had quite a long visit.  He would wink and blink and bob his head.  Lots of little antics were exchanged between the two of us.   Pure joy!!

Finally, I went outside with my camera and he graced me with a few more photos... well, a lot.  But, I won't bore you with all of them.  He is just losing his soft fuzziness... Such beautiful eyes!  And, that beak is pretty wicked looking from the side.  Let there be no doubt, he is a bird of prey.

Check out these talons!!  Little baby owl will be meaning business soon.

For now, he seems to be curiously learning about his surroundings under the watchful (even if trying to nap) eyes of his Mom (or maybe Dad).  I am so grateful for the pleasure of their visits.

Melissa identified these guys as Eastern Screech Owls.  Thank you so much, Melissa.

Finished knitting this while visiting with the owls.  ;) 

I have it blocking and drying now.  The pattern is Wingspan by maylin tan of Tri'Coterie Designs.

The yarn is Noro Silk Garden Sock:  40% lamb's wool, 25% silk, 25% nylon and 10% kid mohair.

I'm enjoying the swirls of color!!  Can't wait for it to dry!!

blessings and wishes for owl-induced-like joy in your lives ~ tanna

Monday, June 11, 2012

Of Hoot Owls and Hoot Hats

You may remember that I recently made this Hoot Hat for Little Roo's first birthday.

Well, today I was working away in my office when I get the feeling there are eyes on me... coming through the window.  And, their backs are turned in this photo, but if you'll look closely...

These are the piercing little eyes I saw gazing in at me!  I was so excited!!  I called the Little Men to facetime... I'm sure I never got a good shot for them to see, but it was fun! 

Then, I went outside... this one even winked at me!!  They were so calm... so beautiful.  Help me out all my bird friends... please, tell us about these cuties!  What a wonder-ful treat today!

Somehow, I think this is a parent... just sayin'.  Oh, I so enjoyed my visitors today!! 

And, in spite of my best efforts of convincing Little Man that he needed a Hoot Hat to match his brother's... so they could be like Noni's two visitors, he was not swayed.  Still wants no part of my Hoot Hats!!  LOL!  Hope  you find a moment of magic in your day!

blessings ~ tanna

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Dose of Joy...

Trying to catch up around here after being gone for a week is crazy; and, I had to have a quick reminder of the dose of JOY that week allowed.

These two Little Men have so much fun with their water table.

Reminds me that one year ago, the Little Man and I played for hours in the water waiting on his baby brother to arrive and get home.

Sweet, sweet joy...

I will be looking for something in my day to give me a joyful attitude like they have here...

Driving Jubilee to tend some of my chores, while listening to Adele might do the trick!!  ;) 

I am wishing a joyful moment for each of you today...

blessings ~ tanna

Monday, June 4, 2012

Happy Birthday, Roo!!

Our precious little Andrew, a.k.a. Roo, turned one year old this weekend.  It hardly seems a year could have passed so quickly.

He is the sweetest little soul you would ever hope to know.  And, a Momma's boy all the way.  Yes, his Momma and his Noni made this clown hat for his Circus themed party.  Poor guy.  What will we do to him next... first the Lion Mane... now, a Clown Hair Hat!

I'm deferring to his Momma to post the really fun photos of the AFTER-he-tasted-cake-for-the-first-time photos!! 

Noni loved Little Roo in his Hoot Hat, made with lots of love for the Birthday Boy. 

Roo, Noni and Pop Pop love you bigger than the sky... to the moon and back!!  We are so happy you invited us to share your birthday with you!!  XOXOXO

I'm dragging... the trip to the Little Men's or home again is a LONG day, even by plane.  Lots to catch up on after my fun trip!!  I hope everyone has had a wonderful week!  blessings to all ~ tanna
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