Monday, June 27, 2011

Visitors and Celebration!

I am celebrating being all caught up with my Quick Books after being gone so long!!  Woo hoo!  I am celebrating surviving the Pond Tour last Saturday after being gone so long (hubby's idea).  We had a steady stream of nice visitors.  AND, I am celebrating catching up on most of the chores that had not done themselves in my absence!  Yea! 

Can you spot the two visitors I had this morning?

Mr. Lizard was showing out right beneath our favorite, The Red Dragonfly.

These beauties come back every year and we enjoy them so much!  They dive in and out of the water, especially out of the Zeus fountain, like it is a Six Flags ride.  Entertains us for hours... LOL.  Yep, we are simple that way.

This close-up is one I captured in the same week of last year.  Are they not amazing?   I've been hearing Earl (or his kin), but no sightings this year.  That might have been a once-in-a-lifetime sight/shot!

And, I have to share this photo (stolen from Hubby, made/sent by Little Men's Momma) of two of my favorite men in the whole world.  Love you two!! 

I'm feeling some breathing room now!  Hope you are all celebrating something that is checked off your list today!! 

Blessings ~ tanna

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

In The Jungle...

In the jungle... the mighty jungle...

The lion sleeps tonight... (with the help of a paci)... Can't you just hear the music now?

One of the funnest things Amanda and I did during my stay was to find this pattern by Amanda Dean for The Fuzzy Lion Hat.  You can find her shop here. 

Then Noni could not have her Littlest Man being immodest, so I whipped him up a loincloth to match.  It was quite humorous to see us measuring him and me trying to calculate how to make this little item of coverage.  We enjoyed lots of giggles over this... though Pop Pop thought it was just wrong (until he saw how cute it was for himself!).

Amanda even did her own very first knitting project while I was there and it came out so very cute.  We did both think the pattern we used (I made a teaching one) came out looking more like a goat than a rabbit.  hee hee... or maybe I should say, "baa baa."  We are still on the lookout for her a pattern she will enjoy and be excited by the outcome.  I know it's out there! 

She did a beautiful job, especially for a very first knitting experience!  And, we enjoyed some laughter along with a little frustration at times!  LOL!  That is one cute little Billy Goat, isn't it?   Ahhh... the good times...

Blessings ~ tanna

Monday, June 20, 2011

Home Again. Home Again. Jiggity Jig.

We swooped across the south with the car thermometer reading 104.  Delicate mimosa blossoms bordered much of  the roadway home.  And, finally, the dry, brown, heat stressed look of Texas... Even with the heat and the drought, I was glad to roll into our home state.  [As a Texan, I do have to confess there is something oddly satisfying about being able to pass through six states in a day's drive.  We couldn't do that if we were heading west from our house; we'd still be trying to get out of our own state.] 

I had been gone for 27 days and really just wanted to make this last day's drive, unpack and relax.  But, the only thing worse than coming home to your air conditioner not working when it is 104 is walking in the door and it is still working like a horse... and the drain is clogged... and the switch-off in the pan is not working...

Soggy sheetrock crashed down on the table, chairs and floor.  The finish on the table may not recover (Kim, where are you??).  And, the hardwood floor has been soaking with soggy sheetrock, too.  Not sure how long it has been this way, but the splatters from where it fell are dried.  There was a steady drip still falling onto the table and the sheetrock on the floor.  If you have a drain in an attic unit POUR BLEACH THROUGH IT TODAY!!  Save yourself from this mess!

I'm glad we got home today. 

I did find it interesting that the original wallpaper is the same color as I have it painted.  Pretty cool.  Guess we'll be having some sheetrocking and painting around the Bungalow as soon as everything dries out good.

Anyway, the journey is over. 

Miles traveled:             2233.8 mi.
Gas:                                 $384.67
Hotels en route:               $190.76

Being the recipient of this look:           

And, here for this moment:


Go check those drains now!  Blessings ~ tanna

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our Newest Angel

Meet Andrew.  He is as good as anyone could ever hope for a baby to be.  He eats.  He looks around.  Makes some really cute faces.  Pees and poops.  Sleeps.  Then, does it all again... and again.  Rarely cries.  Loves to be snuggly warm.  Sweet as an angel.  We are blessed indeed.

He is modeling one of his Noni's latest projects and a cuteness that won't quit.

We are still trying to come up for a name for his lion friend.  Ariel is one of the possibilities.  Amanda did photos of Andrew's big brother every month with Sammy, the Sock Monkey, and Andrew will have this guy for his monthly photo-buddy.

His Momma, Amanda, is already busy with the shutter clicking.  Andrew was 9 days old in these photos.  She did a great job.  There will be more to come on the lion theme...

Love those little bitty hands and I love the cuffs on this gown.  ;)  Pattern and yarn used are listed here.

This whole photo shooting business is awfully tiring... a Littlest Man needs a nap after all that.

It is busy around here.  We are trying to have all the fun we can while our time together lasts...

Blessings to all... Tanna

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Screaming with Frustration!!

I have been having SERIOUS issues with trying to read blogs, comment on blogs... even SEE my own blog!!  This afternoon, I was soooo excited!  I had a short run where I was able to see my some of my favorite blogs and even leave comments!  I was working my way down the line and all of a sudden:  "Internet Explorer is unable to display this web page."  When I click the "diagnose problem" button it works awhile and then says, " blahblahblah.blogspot is online but is not responding at this time."  PLEASE!!!  I am so frustrated with this!!!!  SOOOO FRUSTRATED!  I have wondered if it is due to my computer automatically updating to Internet Explorer 9 a few weeks ago (about the time these problems began).  Or if there is a problem with my computer itself.  Or if it is just  As soon as I am home in Texas, this laptop is going to the shop!!  I have no idea right now if this post will even work. 
Amanda, my daughter, says I should try another browser.  I just haven't been willing to try a different one.... yet... 

I know y'all were not interesting in hearing a rant  this Sunday afternoon.... but I'm screaming, even though it may be silently (the boys are napping!  LOL!)... I'm happy I was able to visit with some of y'all... Will keep trying on the rest!  Blessings to all... Tanna

Friday, June 3, 2011

The Little Man Meets The Littlest Man

Our Little Man was so gentle with the Littlest Man today.  While it could be a bit hard for the Little Man to share all of the attention he enjoys and has come to consider his due, I have no doubt these two will be fast friends as well as brothers.  I cannot wait to watch them play together.  Well, I can wait... in fact I wouldn't want to wish a moment to pass too soon... it all goes too quickly as it is.

Photos by Little and Littlest Men's Momma
Now, is that cute or what?  ;)  I'll be enjoying as many moments as I can. 

Okay, people, I am having issues with getting to comment and even to see some blogs!!  Not happy.  If you are one of my regular haunts and you haven't heard from me by today, it is not because I am not trying!!  Of course, you may not be able to visit here either!  I guess we are all so spoiled to being able to hop all across the country and enjoy our friends that we don't take kindly to being hampered in our visits!  I'll be hoping these issues are resolved soon! 

Good weekend wishes for all!  blessings ~ tanna

Thursday, June 2, 2011

He's Here!

Andrew has made his arrival!!  Mom and Baby Boy are doing well. 

We walked and walked yesterday... then it was time to head to the hospital!

I stayed behind with this little angel and we played and played while Momma was working to bring Andrew into this world.

It has been a busy week... Two day drive... Lots of playing, reading, eating and watching Nemo... Finishing this knitting project (just in time!)... Now, I am waiting for the Little Man to wake so that we can go meet his baby brother.  Blessings to all!  Hope to be checking in on all of you soon!
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Numbers 6:24-26

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the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you;
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