Friday, October 16, 2009

Oooooh... So soft!

Yesterday, I went to rug hooking... not to hook (I was knitting), but to enjoy the fellowship of this group of ladies. Some of the faces change... some stay the same... I can go a year or more at a time without showing up... and they welcome me back with open arms... Really quite phenomenal.

Throughout the year, it is most always at Laura's house. She is the big instigator of primitive rug hooking in our little neck of the woods. She has taught and inspired countless women over years of hooking hours. She is the most gracious and kind and creative being.

This year, she is branching out to have a shop in Lindale with a bunch of other wool-lovers... including women who spin and dye and knit wool straight off the back of the sheep! I'm impressed! Laura has started spinning, too... and knitting... along with her hooking.

When I arrived at her house yesterday, she had been knitting a scarf with this yarn. Oh, my gosh it is so soft! And, I loved the pinks... She had had one of her friends dye two skeins for her to make scarfs as gifts.... Ends up, she only needed one skein. Lucky me! =)

So, now I have this beautiful batch of wool to play with myself! I am almost finished with a blanket I started earlier this year... then on to play with this!

Laura has recently started a blog, though she has had a website for a long while. I am looking forward to seeing more photos of the beautiful things she has hooked... and maybe some knitting, too! Take a look: Bee Hive Rugs

AND, off Laura's blog... I was highly amused by this one: Yarn Harlot Quite a witty little writer/knitter. =)


Anonymous said...

Yes, this pink wool is georgeous, and feels sooo good and snugly. After reading the "Yarn Harlot's" comments on how knitting relieves stress, I may need to look into "hooking" also in order to live thru this move! mks

Amanda said...

What are you going to make with this squishy pink yarn? I'm thinking a scarf could be delicious!

Tanna (The Brick Street Bungalow) said...

mks: okay, we are going to have to get you down with the terminology... hooking pertains to the art of primitive rug hooking (check out Laura's site) and knitting is... well, knitting. LOL. I am sure there is some other term... but, I'm ready for you to join me on a knitting adventure. This is the week of the big move though... doubt you will be starting soon!

AC: it is indeed a scarf... soft and snuggly... only to be worn on dry days... lol.

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