Thursday, September 3, 2009

Roanoke Adventures Part I

I am just getting settled back in after returning from Roanoke... again. I have not been away from home this much EVER in my life. But, as I told Evan, I am so torn. Home is where the heart is... and mine is torn in two. When I am here, I want to be there; and, when I am there, I want to be here. I never envisioned this situation... but, I am adjusting.

On the first day I was in Roanoke, we took Little Man to the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford, VA. It is my prayer that he comes to love his country like the rest of his family does. And, that he respects and appreciates the heroes whose sacrifices have given us, and many others, the blessing of freedom and safety.

I was not able to capture the sprays of water that represent bullets flying as the troops debarked and crossed to the shore.

So many lives were lost before they even touched ground.

Generously, they served and sacrificed with great courage.

It is difficult to see OVERLORD that is carved into the top of the memorial. That was the name of the operation. Apparently, the elevation and the height of the monument cause the area to be a magnet for lightening. It was drizzling the whole time we were there... and, softly raining part of the time. The caretakers pulled us in as a precaution. There are some areas I really wish I had photos of... but, there will be a next time.

Propellers in the garden...

Stripes that indicated to the allies who were in these planes.

Names and names and names... all heroes.

This symbol is reproduced in the landscape...

This memorial is struggling to survive. Costs of operation are high. Visit. Donate.

Let us always remember that freedom is not free. Let us always be grateful, respectful and mindful. May God continue to bless America.


Amanda said...

Love all your photos. They turned out great all things considered with the weather we had. I had so much fun on this little excursion! Alex and I miss you, and we can't wait to see you again soon. Love you soooo big! XOXO

Lauri said...

What a beautiful story you tell in your photos! You have a true gift. And I completely understand about being torn between two places. That's what makes you such an incredible Noni! You are such a blessing to Amanda and sweet baby Alex!

California Girl said...

Hello Tanna: you took wonderful photographs on your trip and I've just read through your past posts. Your grandson is ADORABLE. Roanoke looks a lot nicer than I remember it. I haven't been in five years. It used to be so run down although there was a gentrification movement afoot in the 90's as I recall. have they fixed up the downtown area? I always thought it was cute but in need of work. Richmond was the same way when I moved there in '83. It was getting gorgeous by the time we left. Looking forward to more beautiful photos and news.

Tanna said...

AC: can't wait!!!

Lauri: Thank you so much for the kind and sweet words. You are a wonderful blessing to Amanda... to your family and to all your friends! Love and loving kindness blesses all of us. Thank you for your kind and loving spirit.

CG: Thank you so much! I think Alex is ADORABLE, too, but I could be highly biased! LOL! You know, Roanoke still has a lot of run down spots; but, there is a strong presence of revitalization. The downtown area opened a very nice Art Center while I was there last November. Many buildings have been renovated to offer stylish loft living. The Farmer's Market, the eating spots, and a few businesses seem to be thriving. I find it to be an inspiring place! Thank you for asking! I don't know how different it is from five years ago... Could be we focus on different things??? I LOVE historic areas... so, I see potential where others sometimes see hopless. =)

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