Saturday, September 12, 2009

Discussion with my darling...

Noni: Alex, I am so out of shape!

Alex: Well, Noni, you are the only one who can do anything about that.

Noni: I know. I just can't seem to muster any motivation or self-discipline for myself!

Alex: I'll cheer you on, Noni!!

Noni: Thank you, baby! Noni is going to sign up for an exercise class today!


Lauri said...

Nothing like a pep talk from the cutest little boy EVER to muster up some strong motivation! I need to have that same chat with him for myself - ha! Good luck with your class. I'm 2 weeks into my new workout regime so I feel your pain!

Amanda said...

LOL! Yea, Noni! We are so excited for you!

I read this at about 4a when I was feeding Alex and had to hold in the laughs. =) Such a fun post to read. We love you! XOXOXOXO

nanny said...

Good Luck with your new class! I am still paying membership to a small gym that I love(d)/ha I like the elyptical very much,,,,just haven't had time in well about a year. I need a pep talk too!!!

nanny said...

Just visited your daughter's sweet. I too have a new granddaughter in TX, and I am in Arkansas. I feel your longing to hold the precious one. I wish I could see every yawn and stretch and smile....etc.

Dana said...

I seriously need some of that motivation too! I was doing so great this summer but going back to work has sucked all the energy out of my body by the end of the day!

Good luck to you!

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