Monday, September 7, 2009

Flamingo by the throat...

It is a beautiful morning here in East Texas. We slept in until 7 AM. Late for us! We have had our coffee on the porch... read the paper... and I about to make Evan's day by suggesting that we have breakfast at Einstein's Bagels which recently opened.

Then, on to Lowe's for mulch and a few plants to replace ones I lost during my journeys to Roanoke (they don't seem to survive the heat without a lot of TLC).

Next, I am going to put a big pork loin roast on the smoker so I can enjoy smelling it while I work outside! LOVE THAT!

Okay, these photos were from a walk Amanda, Alex and I took in Roanoke. We walked the Greenway and came out in a neighborhood... I have to admit, this was a new one for me!

A gargoyle with a flamingo by the throat. Interesting. None of that in my gardening plans. LOL. Have a great Labor Day!


California Girl said...

Good Morning!

That IS a strange sculpture/garden thingie. Funny too...or should I say whimsical?

Teresa said...

That picture of the flamingo is hysterical! And that sweet baby just gets more gorgeous by the day! Glad you got to visit again!

Tanna said...

CG: I think whimsical is the perfect description! And, it IS funny! LOL!

Teresa! So glad to see you pop by! How are things in the great NW?? We missed you at the margarita gathering while Mike was in! =)

Amanda said...

The photo stash you built up was more extensive than I realized! LOL! I should have had you give me some photo tips - they're all so good!

Tanna said...

LOL! I still have a few left in my stash... lol... more to be revealed! I'm still waiting on a kitchen reveal! =)

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