Thursday, January 7, 2010

One Week Down

One week down on the Mission: THRIVE. All is going fairly well... haven't been as good about writing down the five things that make me feel happy over the course of the day... but, I have been thoughtful about what makes me happy... grateful... content throughout the day. It is a conscious focus on a positive direction... Intention!

Today, I am happy to report I made it out the door to run (in the freezing cold... NOT a fan of the cold). Made it into and out of The Village, my favorite bakery, to pick up treats for rug hooking... didn't touch a bite!! But, my best thing I have to report is an excited phone call from my daughter this morning! I cannot tell you how much it lifts my heart to hear her excited. It has been a difficult year for her. She is normally my best little thriver! I don't know many things harder, in being a mom, than to see, feel, know, sense that one of your children is struggling. I just don't. Her intent to thrive has lead her to make some hard decisions. I applaud her!! I applaud anyone who takes the time to determine what it takes to allow them to thrive and sets the intention to make that goal a reality!! You go, girl!! I'm cheering you all the way!

Just FYI, from an article in REAL SIMPLE magazine January 2010 issue by Lesley Alderman:

"Nine Secrets of Motivated People

'Tis the season for setting new goals. Want to actually - gasp- accomplish them this year? Here are some real-life strategies that really work.

  1. When you make a plan, anticipate bumps.
  2. Channel the Little Engine that Could.
  3. Don't let your goals run wild ... but, work on them every day.
  4. Go public with it.
  5. Lean on a support crew when you are struggling.
  6. Make yourself a priority.
  7. Challenge yourself -- and change things up.
  8. Keep on learning.
  9. Remember the deeper meaning."

I've been asked why I chose no/low carb. I read this book. What can I say? My metabolism feels different. I'm looking to shake it up. I can manage eight weeks. ;) Then, I'll be adding the carbs back slowly... just not to the point they take over again! I'll let you know how it goes. So far, so good.

Would love to hear from you others who are taking the challenge! Solar, how do you do this low carb stuff more? Tammy, how is your focus on LIVING LIFE to the fullest going? Amanda, I know some things are going to change in your plan. Onward, ho!


Deb said...

sounds like you are having a good week...I gave up bread products...chips...crackers etc...they were my know what I don't miss them at all...and be over 75 lbs. lighter helps too....I always look forward to your posts...I'm cheering your daughter on....

nanny said...

I heard via Dallas that something big happened....can't wait to get full story!!!

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Will have to check this book out...C

Tammy at Tattered and Timeless said...

I am doing better. Some bumps this week- but I am holding my head high and taking them head on.
I am doing the 30 days to a better blog and man day one has me confused. Did you make your elevator pitch?
It is so cold here that the "getting physical" part is difficult. But I am thinking I may just have to put all the snow garb on and roll around the block like the stay puff marshmallow man. :)
I am crafting more and that brings me joy. And i am going to be earlier which gives me more energy.
Son went back to college today and well that made me cry and still does.
But I am going to do this.

Noni at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Deb: you are an inspiration!! I'm hoping to see some good results from this, too!

Nanny: Yep. Big changes!

C: At the menopausal point, I needed something new. Let me know what you think if you get the book!

Tammy: I can sooooo empathize with how hard it is when the kids leave. Amanda and I have never done very well with that! You are trying so many new things; I am impressed! What is the 30 days to a better blog??? Some others of us could use that! Is that about the elevator pitch? I'm out of the loop on that one. LOL! Keep on keeping on! I'm lovin' it!

Janean said...

great post, Noni!
i'm going to read the mission thrive link, but the nine secrets are really good.
glad your daughter is on the upswing too!

Amanda said...

:-D This is a smile with "teeth." Because this smile :-) just isn't enough to show how excited I am about my change! I mean, if I could do back flips, I'd be doing them all around the house right now. Maybe even down the snow-filled street.

Ok, other updates. I am going to try to do this photography class. That will be one of my "taking care of self goals." Another one is that I've already gotten connected with a Mommy & Me group that meets every other Thursday. My first playdate with Alex and the group will be in early February. Went to church last Sunday. Holding off on the bible study for now. Mostly because of reading His Needs Her Needs and the photo class and finishing up the last couple of weeks of work. But, my plan is to find a bible study that takes place during the weekdays and has childcare. Hopefully something geared towards stay-at-home moms. I have been eating my two veggies a day. And not of the potato variety either! Ok, I've had some of those, but I don't count that in my two a day. =) And just because I've made so much progress in the other areas, let's not talk about how I haven't done my four-day a week exercise, ok?

Yep, life is looking good.

Amanda said...

Can you believe my regular smiley face got chopped in half? Doesn't blogger know I was trying to make a point with that face?!

Dana said...

Glad you had a good week. One day at a time right? :-)

Amanda said...

Oh, and one last thing. I meant to tell you that I like your new background. Very cheerful. XOXO

Noni at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Janean: Thank you!

AC: ;-D You know I am going to want to nudge you about the exercise part... but, I'm restraining myself... LOL! XOXOXOXO

And, yes, Dana... One day at a time! Glad to read your bible story reading is going well! Hats off to all!

Christine said...

Hey, I'm jumping this band wagon. What a fun group!

Noni at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

We'd love to have you, Christine!!

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