Sunday, June 7, 2009


We just got home from a surprise birthday party for our friend, Gary. See the drum and sticks??? Remember them for later!

Ready to go...

Little H is going to the party!!

That's the birthday boy in orange! Little guy is Landon! He was great entertainment!

Speaking of entertainment... there was Neil McCoy and his band!!!! AND, Gary has been taking drum lessons and surprised us all by playing with the band! He did a great job!

It was a fun night for dancing! Good food. Good folks. Good fun.

Happy Birthday, Gary! Thanks for letting us share in your celebration! Nice job, Lisa!


deedee said...

Happy 60(?) to your friend - May he have many more "Happy Birthdays"

California Girl said...

Tanna: that looks like a great party. Is that your husband and daughter? Somebody bakes a mean cake.

Actually, those artistic creations they still call "cakes" amaze me.

Tanna said...

deedee - yes, it was Gary's 60th as you correctly guessed from the cake... he doesn't look a day over 45, at the MOST! Good plug for staying active and continuing to learn.

CG - That is my daughter, Amanda, and Evan. This was her last trip to Texas until after the baby comes. Oh, I miss her so much.

That cake was DELICIOUS! Sometimes they only look "artistic," but the chocolate part of this one was outstanding! I have mourned that I didn't sneak some out with me!

Deb said...

wow...what a fun the cake...

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