Wednesday, June 10, 2009


So, last week I finished the sock-monkey-baby-blanket. I finished knitting while we were at Blackberry Farm and crocheted a border in cream on the way home. Wasn't happy with the border. Ripped it out. Consulted with Amanda and left the edges softly rolling. I have been given grief over its size. Some have commented, unkindly perhaps, that Baby Correa cannot be placed under it... at least not until he has grown considerably. They indicate that he might be smothered by the weight of the blanket-made-with-love. I do admit that, for a baby blanket, it is of behemoth proportions.

Let me just say that his Noni's blanket can follow him to his dorm bed if he wants!! He will be swaddled in love for a long, long, long time.... =)

And, if not, it makes a fine throw.


Amanda said...

I LOVE this oversized baby blanket that will allow Baby Correa to be swaddled in love for years and years to come! It's one of the most precious gifts he's been given. In fact, he'll be lucky if I let him take it to college with him... =) XOXO

Ellen said...

Oh my gosh - I love the blanket! You did a beautiful job! Wish I could knit... Can't wait to show it to Blair (my 19 yr old who still loves her sock monkeys LOL). I think it's a great size to keep Mommy and baby cozy during those late nights in the rocking chair this Winter.

Dana said...

What a precious gift! I can only imagine how much love that blanket will impart over the years!

Tanna said...

AC - Noni has become quite fond of the blanket, too. LOL. Evan asked last night if I was going to be able to give it up (I was swaddled in it while knitting on the blanket-made-with-love-version-2). LOL.

Ellen- for sure if I can knit, anyone can knit! I have found it interestingly soothing. I hope our sock-monkey-baby likes his sock monkeys as long as yours! =)

Dana - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Lots! I have determined my most important job as Noni is to impart a secure sense of unconditional love. I'm all over it!

Lauri said...

The blanket is gorgeous and will forever hold such love and meaning for Mommy and baby!

Tanna said...

Thank you, Lauri! I am keeping you in my prayers this weekend! Can't wait to get the NEWS!

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