Friday, April 13, 2018


The beauty of spring continues... though our temperatures dropped into the upper thirties this past weekend and will again this coming one.  You'll also note the yellow/green haze all over the porch and rails.  I had cleaned and mopped the whole thing just a couple of days before this photo.  I hope we are getting to the end of the big pollen invasion.  LOL!

On one of my recent walks, I spotted this beautiful yellow Iris.

It was HUGE!  As large as my hand!  Just gorgeous!

Our ladies golf association is in full swing and I'm taking my turn as president this year.  They are keeping me hopping!  I so enjoy this group of ladies.  The ones in the photo are my usual peeps to play with (we all walk and have similar handicaps).  We get our exercise, enjoy (or not) our round of golf and share our lives.  It's a good thing.

In my bits of extra time, I've been making little squares... and have begun to assemble them into an afghan.  The yarn is so soft.  It's going to go perfectly with a little sunflower pillow I have.  Makes me smile.

Spring has been a roller coaster across this continent.  Many of my blog friends have had snowy days for their spring, giving rise to the new term, Sprinter-- when spring turns back to winter. Ha!  I'm wishing for everyone at least one sunny day this next week!

blessings ~ tanna


Anonymous said...

Hi Tanna, Your porch and azaleas are so welcoming. What a fun photo of your golfing peeps. John tried to teach me to golf when we first met - both my long, skinny arms turned black/blue just from swinging the club! lol
Those are the biggest and brightest irises - so pretty.
I adore the colors in your afghan. I hope you will have a nice weekend.

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Your azaleas really took me back to my days in the pretty. I love, love your yellow Iris. Almost as pretty as the yellow rose of Texas, such a lovely color. You'll be an awesome president! Have fun out there in all the warm Springy weather...we are to be in the 40's next week, but today we are flying high with's a roller coaster of crazy! Blessings always sweet friend. ((hugs))

handmade by amalia said...

You can wish me one rainy day - we have so much sun and would love some rain to mix things up :-) I love your group of golfing buddies, what a fun way to share time with friends and get some exercise while you're at it.

Anonymous said...

Lovely post Madam President. Your new blanket is just beautiful with those marled colors.

Love the term Sprinter. We have definitely had that here. Today is gorgeous. We are going out on the bikes for sure. Because winter will be back on Monday.

podso said...

The azaleas are really gorgeous this year--maybe they've liked the cool/cold spring. And your irises (I call them "the ladies") are ahead of ours--ours are just about to open. I pretty much love everything about living in the south except the pollen. But I guess the pollen comes along with it being so beautiful here. Over soon I hope. The blanket is going to be wonderful. I like how you're attaching each one with the border. Have a good weekend!

Lynne said...

Thank you for the spring photo treats.
Beautiful Yellow Iris . . .
Enjoy golfing with your team gals . . .
Seeing you out in more summery dress is evidence you have some warmth!
I am still wearing my wool socks!
We are getting ready for the storm bringing ICE tomorrow!
Sprinter or Springter . . . here for sure!

La Table De Nana said...

I think having a group of friends to golf with must be fun.Jacques enjoyed his golfing career,and even ttough they did not see each other socially..except for one lunch..they were lovely days for him.
I am much more of a loner..;) Yes even after 30 yrs in real estate..
Your porch is so similar to ours albeit Korean Lilacs in front..I must say I am starting to complain about cutting them lol:)
I love a porch.
Your stitching is beyond beautiful.You would love some of the IG stitchers..Linda is there:)
Bon weekend!

Susie said...

Tanna, I am loving your afghan. My daughter is in a lady's league. I once wanted to learn and my husband played two rounds of golf with me and that was the end. LOL. He goes twice a week with his friend Tom....only when it's nice. Many of his fellow players have passed or are too busy. Blessings to you and your lady group, xoxo, Susie

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

That is a gorgeous porch. Sprinter definitely describes what my NY boy is experiencing. Beautiful crochet work. Have a good weekend.

Caffeine Girl said...

Sprinter! I love this. We've only had hints of spring in southern Wisconsin, and today is cold and snowy.
If I lived at your house, I think I'd spend all my waking hours knitting on that porch -- with or without pollen!
Stuck in winter as I am, those photos of the yellow iris almost killed me!

karen said...

your crochet is gorgeous!! Love the squares :) Our spring is slow to arrive, but it's showing up!

Needles and Wool said...

Those are nice squares to make up a blanket! I know this weather has been crazy, today it was freezing rain and now it is so windy. I am looking forward to Spring weather!

Judy S. said...

My oldest GD left a phone message yesterday saying , "It's snowing." and my sister had a similar complaint from MPLS. Sprinter, indeed! Love that iris, ours are coming up but a long time from blooming. They and the rest of the garden and yarn could use a little sunshine, but at least we don't have to shovel rain. Happy golfing!

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