Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Last Griswolds Standing

Evan and I made it home a couple of hours ago... long enough to unpack, check things out and get a shower.  It was a long road home today; we were the last of the "Griswolds" standing, e.g. still out there.  The temperatures were in the 80's all across the Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama part of our journey.  It poured rain across Alabama.  We hit sunshine in Louisiana... and 106 degrees.  When we pulled into the driveway at 7 PM, the temperature was 100.  Welcome home! 

I hate long posts... but, I'm getting (only part of) the pictures of the Griswold Vacation up and out tonight! 

Little Man wasn't particularly enamoured with the aquarium... He's looking as if to say, "Mom, really?  How long do you expect me to look at these things?

There were some interesting critters... I'd never seen sting rays of such colors...

What's not to love about the hyacinth macaws?

Pop Pop fed the sting ray a shrimp... Somehow, we don't have a single shot of that!

Little Man petted them... Mostly, I think he liked getting to reach in the water!

Finding Nemo?

Could any visit to an aquarium be complete without the antics of these fun guys?

I have to say, his FAVORITES were in the gift shop! 

This was the next adventure... the Incline Railway.  One mile straight up the side of Lookout Mountain.  About the last quarter of a mile, I was not liking the odds on survival if the cables broke! 

While the purpose of our trip up the Incline Railway was to get to Point Park, I could not help admiring the beautiful old homes at the top!

We are hoping that Little Man will get an early start on loving his country and learning from our history.

I know without a doubt, if he could have this park ranger for his teacher, he would LOVE history.  The ranger was one of the best, most knowledgeable, most enthusiastic teachers I've heard.  He was excellent and I wish I had gotten his name.

The view down over Chattanooga and the Tennessee River was spectacular.  It is humbling to realize how many lives were lost and how difficult the terrain must have been for them.

Pop Pop had been out reading the notations on the monuments.

And, of course, there was some play time just for Little Man!

And, we all enjoyed watching him as he proudly extended his independent walking.  It was a great time... Now, it is good to be home.  Thanks for the memories Griswold Clan.  Love, Mom/Noni/Tanna


Diana said...

Enjoyed all the pics!!!! Rest up.

Christine said...

I think it's funny that you called your vacation, The Griswolds. Loved that movie!

Fabulous pictures. Glad you stayed up to post them. Must of been hard to say good-by. You have a great looking family.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Looks like a fun trip and I know you are glad to be home. No place like home. That picture of little man in the tube looking at the fish is too cute.

Solar Powered said...

Oh I love all the pictures, it looks like you all had a blast. Good to be home I know but sad to leave your loves. Wonderful pictures!!!

Frann's Diary said...

Beautiful blog and photos.(:

From the Kitchen said...

Been there! Love that area. Thanks for the wonderful memories. Also loved seeing Little Man walking. Those sturdy little legs remind me of my boys at that age.

Have you "Griswolds" done the drive up through the valley from Roanoke to Charlottesville? It's a wonderful historic journey too.


Debbie said...

My regret for an ending vacation usually ends as soon as we get home, unpacked and in our own bed. However this summer, I kind of miss the lake and cabin and wish we could go back. Your vacation was very nice. Thanks for the pics.

Chatty Crone said...

I havae to say I loved seeing the pictures of you and your trip. You have a beautiful family!

Looks like you did so many fun things there.

Funny you said Griswald - I remember that movie so well.

Hard to leave, but good to get back home. There is no place like home.


nanny said...

I have never been there,,,,but would love to!!
Your pictures are so good. I'm glad you had a break from the remains.....Awful!

Susan said...

Beautiful pictures of your vacation and family. Little Man is darling and it is such a fun age!!! Enjoy.

Katherine said...

Tanna- I have loved all the Griswold vacation updates throughout last week. It looks like you guys had such a wonderful time all together. And lots of great memories made for sure! So glad you guys took some time out and did this all together! I know you so enjoyed your Little Man time. Love all the pictures!

Janean said...

been to the aquarium. it's amazing...the colors and the beauty in all of it.

noni, your photos of your little man are great. you capture the wide-eyed wonder! thanks for sharing your fun times!!!! you put a smile on our faces. :)

Amanda said...

Thank you for the vacation. Man, oh man, did we have a good time. Now that we're home, I will be spending the next few weeks dieting to lose the poundage I gained. And monitoring Glutton Griswold's intake as well. LOL!

I can't believe that you drove 10 hours and then sat down to make a blog post! Crazy! I love you!! =)

Anonymous said...

Love seeing vacation pictures! So glad you went somewhere away from the heat! Stay cool!

velva said...

Little man is eat him up cute! Looks like a very busy, hot vacation but, you spent with some of your favorite people. Awesome.

Deb said...

so glad you had a great vacation...I need one desperately...

Julie Harward said...

Thanks for your visits...this is such a cool place and your little guy is too too cute! :D

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

How much fun! My grandson and I have been to Chattanooga twice and he wants to go back! I think it's his favorite spot! I hope you are having a great week!...hugs...Debbie

Nancy's Notes said...

What a fun trip and your photographs are just great! Your little one is adorable!


Vickie said...

Glad you all had fun! I love the Incline thingie. We've visited the memorials and all that stuff, too, and I always get chills just thinking about standing on battlegrounds where the blood of our southern and northern soldiers ran. You're something else to drive all that way and come home and blog! Glad you're back safe! What kind of cute little creature was that in the little aquarium? I want one!

Lauri said...

What a wonderful adventure for all of you Griswolds! I'm sure it will now become an annual tradition, something for all to anxiously await each summer. I have enjoyed being along for the ride with all of yours and Amanda's pictures and updates. Good luck settling back in now that you're home!

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