Monday, August 9, 2010

Guest Post: How to tell if you're having a Griswold Vacation

Hello, Brickstreet Bungalow Blog Readers. I'm Amanda. Tanna is my mom, and she asked me to do a guest post today. I asked her what to write about, and she said it could be any subject - writer's choice.

So I thought I'd talk a little about our vacation. You see, our family is NOTORIOUS for having vacations of the Griswold variety. As in, Clark and family. In fact, for the last several months as we've been planning this vacation, we've affectionately referred to it only as "The Griswold."

We're only four days in, but here are some sure signs that you are indeed having a Griswold Vacation.

Sign #1: When someone in your party is asked to don roadkill attire in front of a large group of people in order to lure a live vulture to land on his or her arm.
Sign #2:When you turn your child loose in public in nothing but a diaper to enjoy a little cool-down in the water feature because the alternative is a meltdown in the 103 degree heat.
Sign #3:When you step into the Moon Pie General Store, and your first reaction is, "We must come here again before we leave to get more Moon Pies!"
Sign #4: When your trip involves going into a Goblin's Underpass.
And sucking in your gut as you walk through Fat Man's Squeeze.
Sign #5:You go on a 1980s-style dinner river cruise, and you almost bonk your child's head on the ceiling as you throw him up while dancing to Twist and Shout.
Sign #6: You enjoy the Cupid Shuffle line dance on the aforementioned dinner cruise while the musician duo strums their guitars and act like they are playing to the pre-recorded music track.
Sign #7: You know you're having a Griswold Vacation when you're left with a lot of really great memories of your time together.

What are your Griswold stories? Do you have any to share? We do like knowing we aren't the only Griswold vacationers out there...   =)


Christine said...

Amanda, your mom should be very proud and have you as a guest again.
Great action pictures, especially #5, ooops! My favorite is #2, those eyes are so precious.
It looked like everyone enjoyed themselves and memories were made.

Diana said...

Great job on your post, Amanda!!! Love the pics, too.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Excellent guest poster. Looks like loads of fun. Y'all are only two hours from me at Rock City. No Griswold vacation here. I haven't even gone anywhere yet this year.

Jill said...

What fun Amanda!
I will take a Griswold Vacation ANYTIME! Memories made!

nanny said...

How Fun!!!! Great post!!
You wouldn't get me in that Fat Man's Squeeze way....ha
I know you all are having a blast and making so many wonderful memories (Griswold or not)

Dana said...

Oh, that looks like the perfect vacation to me! How fun. I can't wait to hear more about it! And I saw your comment about finishing the book. Can't wait to hear what you think about #3! I'm about 1/2 way through #2 now. I really only have time to read while I work out so I'm moving a little slowly but once Ryan gets here and I'm up nursing I know I'll be reading all the time. I'm going to have to go ahead and get book #3 to be ready!

From the Kitchen said...

Hi Amanda: This obviously is not Roanoke! When I was there with my Chicago friend a few years back, I wanted to treat her to a Moon Pie and an RC Cola (the drink of choice with a Moon Pie) and couldn't find one anywhere!! Your vacation sounds like some of ours!!


Deb said...

fun post Amanda...what's a vacation?? the photo of Little Man in the fountain...

California Girl said...

I'd say you're on a Griswold vaca when you're visiting Rock City. Where the heck is that?

Is There Anybody Out There? said...

The only thing missing is John Candy. Tomg

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

CG: Rock City is on Lookout Mountain, GA right outside of Chattanooga, TN. You can see seven states from there! LOL! Hokey and so fun! I LOVE our Griswold vacations! LOL!

Darlene said...

It looks and sounds like a GREAT vacation to me!

Natasha said...

This was a fabulous post Amanda-thanks for sharing these wonderful memories!

Could you please tell your mum that I haven't been playing any golf...I have been working part-time and have had no time to even practise...I am very sad indeed!

Take care and best wishes to you all!

Lauri said...

Too, too cute Amanda (and Tanna)! I am so glad you are having such a fun time there with family. I can't remember where you are so you'll have to remind me. I hope the weather cools off a bit and you continue to have more of that down-home Griswold fun, ha ha!

PS - I hope Alex is behaving better than Kaitlynn in his temporary vacation bed. We're back to her old nighttime antics here in Florida. Sigh.

Pam said...

Good job Amanda! You know how to tell a story! Love those Moon Pies and the Griswold's also. I'm new here and so glad to find your mom's blog!

Katherine said...

Griswold vacation = great memories. Those are the best kind of vacations. Glad you guys are enjoying your time together. Stay cool!!

Katherine said...

Griswold vacation = great memories. Those are the best kind of vacations. Glad you guys are enjoying your time together. Stay cool!!

Sandra said...

What a great post to remember a family vacation. Well done!

Vickie said...

Hi, Tanna and Amanda!

Rock City and Chattanooga! Loved this little trip back with you. All my mom and dad's people came from Chattanooga (mostly mom's). She's still got a cousin there. We used to go to Chattanooga when I was a kid and go with my 3 great uncles and my grandmother to SEE Rock City. This was fun to see your family in pictures there! I recognized these places right off! Loved Fat Man's Squeeze! It was so funny as a kid!

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