Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Time to Pack up the Bunny!

Just finished sewing on the buttons in time to pack it up for Little Man's first Easter.  I know... I know... The Velveteen Rabbit is really a Christmas story; but, it was my favorite story... and, it goes with the bunny.  =)

I have to confess that I would have shredded Little Man's sweater when it got down to weaving all the ends of the color changes back in.  Thanks to the kind, generous, sweater-saving help of Michelle Hudson at Rose Path, Little Man will get an intact garment.  Thank you so very much, Michelle!

Hoppy Easter, Ya'll! 

He is Risen.

This is wonderful... for anyone who has ever loved a child... go READ this.


nanny said...

He is going to LOVE the rabbit and look adorable in his sweater....Your work is just beautiful....and made entirely from loving hands.

When you get caught up, think pink! I would love to purchase one of your beautiful designs for a sweet little girl....ha

I know you will, but make a picture of Alex in his Easter attire for us!

Have a great weekend Noni!

Tara said...

Oh NONI! I love that book and the sweater is wonderful. Little Man is going to be so cute in it. Hope you get pics of him to show us. He is one blessed little boy.

kim said...

Tanna, that is the cutest bunny that you have made for your grandson. I wish we were going to be with ours this weekend. We will be going in about three weeks. Have a wonderful Easter.

Chatty Crone said...

You did a fantastic job! I know he'll (his parents) be excited. Do get a picture and post it.

Hoppy Easter.

Amanda said...

Counting down the hours - the minutes - the seconds - the naps - the meals - all of it! I just don't even have the words to tell you how excited I am about your visit!!

Little Man is going to look P-R-E-C-I-O-U-S in that sweater with his bunny. Of course the bunny will immediately go into his mouth. And we'll have to guard the book, too! Ha!

See you tomorrow. Make that 19 hours and 42 minutes. =)

Diana said...


Easter blessings your way.

Christine said...

Heirloom, that is what I think when I see your beautiful work.
Perfect is all I can say.
Have fun giving it to him. Be sure to find out how the sweater hugs.

Debbie said...

That little bunny is soooooooo sweet! That book makes me cry. Happy Easter!

linda said...

I've never seen such a beautiful little boy's sweater, nor bunny!

What a lucky little man!

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to come to your house! That sweater is unbelievable! Your gift to Little Man is so perfect. Have a wonderful Easter if I don't get over before then. :)

Darlene said...

The sweater and sweet bunny are so ADORABLE and little man is going to look so cute in that sweater holding his bunny! I love The Velveteen Rabbit book. I don't know how anyone that reads it wouldn't! Hope you have a beautiful Easter.♥

Lisa said...

Just beautiful! What a keepsake!

Jennifer@3sonsandadaughter said...

A beautiful sweater! And, what an adorable Little Man!!!

Dana said...

What special treats. I love the Velveteen Rabbit!

Solar Powered said...

I'm about to tear up at how precious that sweater is. I am wating with bated breath to see a picture of that little man in his sweater, holding his bunny, and sitting on Noni's lap. Have a wonderful trip. Can't wait to hear all about it!

California Girl said...

Happy Easter Tanna. Glad to know you're spending it with the ones you love.

The sweater is a work of art. He's a lucky little fella.

Katherine said...

OMG could that be a cuter sweater? I LOVE the colors together! And with that adorable bunny and the book, what the perfect first Easter gift. Way to go Noni! He's gonna love it! Enjoy your visit!

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