Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mission: THRIVE IV

For those of you who may not know, for the past four months, my daughter and I started on a mission to thrive.  We had both been in spots less than optimal for awhile.  Those less than optimal spots were not spots we were accustomed to and we wanted change.  Each month we have set goals for ourselves with the intent to thrive again.  Our progress has been rewarding.

I hate writing these next words.  I have had a setback.  As a matter of fact, you could accurately say I have been in survival mode for the past five weeks.  On February 20th I had the most incredible run.  Muscles, breath and heart all propelled me along with perfect rhythym and ease.  I took five minutes off my usual time for a three mile loop.  (If you run at all, you know that is a big change.)  It felt good.  So good that when I came through the door, I gleefully shared with Evan how running had brought me back to the place I had been seeking... a place of thriving.  I felt like I had come home to myself.  My best self. 

Ironically, I ordered a two year subscription to Runner's World magazine and a training log that morning.  All the while trying to continue to ignore a left knee that was protesting loudly.  By bedtime, the ache keeping me awake was hard to deny.  I rested the next day.  Tried to rationalize that it was only my increased pace that had cause the ache... while the little voice in the back of my head was trying to tell me the same thing I had been ignoring for a long, long time.  I even posted about it last year... the stiffness, the ache that was different than an injury... one that is best served by stopping high impact activity... by stopping running.  On the 22nd, I went out for my run.  I made my loop, but the denial was impossible.

So, I know it sounds ludicrous to the majority of folks who may read this, but I am deeply saddened by this.  Running has been a tool, a crutch, a victory, a friend, a place of prayer... that I just hate to part with.  I thought I would run with Little Man (though none of my children were ever convinced to drink the Kool-Aid of running).  I feel like I am in a pit with a lion on a snowy day... Tara, thank you for the direction to the book by that name.  It is by Mark Batterson.  I'm reading it and loving it.

Bottom line is that attitude shapes everything.  I'm working on mine again.  I am trusting that when one door closes another will open.  I am trusting that everything is just as it should be and that for every thing there is a season.  But, since I am survival mode, it is back to the lists.. the goals... the one foot in front of another until you are up and running (figuratively this time). 

  • I am thinking that letting go is a big chunk of the lesson I'm working on right now so... for 15 minutes each week for the next month, I am going to throw away "stuff".
  • I will work one half day in the yard each week.
  • I will get a bicycle pump, air up my tires and ride my bike at least once a week.
  • I will find quiet time to worship the Lord.  I will give thanks.  I will ask for the eyes to see and the ears to hear and the heart to feel His desire for my life.  I will listen.  I will look.  I will be open.
  • I will get back on the path to thriving. 

I hope you are all on your own path to thriving... Life is both to short and too long not to get all out of it that God has intended for us!   I'd love to hear about your journeys.  Thrive on, Sisters!


nanny said...

Noni, I am so sorry for your knee pain. Maybe in some way the bicycle will give you a similar good feeling.

I too will start my yard work soon. This is the chore (joy to me) that brings me peace. It usually takes me a full day to complete. I have knee pain, but only on rare occasions...hoping I don't have any this year.

I read a good article about attitude recently, you may have read it, but I will share it soon!

Have a good day....

Christine said...

I really like you Thrive List!
Do you mind if I copy it?

kim said...

Noni, what an inspirational post. I am so sorry your knee keeps you from doing what you want to do. I have learned as we get older our bodies love to rebel. We just have to listen to our bodies whether we want to or not. Did you get your knee checked out? I hope it isn't anything major. I would love to ride a bike again if I had a decent place to ride. The road we live on is like a darn freeway. The cars go by way too fast. We all need to take the time to listen and see what He has in store for us. I am bad about not taking that time like I should.
Have a super day!

Terri Smith said...

Oh Tanna..what an inspirational post! Thank you so much for sharing. Your words really gave me pause to stop and think. Yes..The world spins so quickly around us and sometimes we do miss out on the quieter times. The times we really should slow down and take the time to be alone with Jesus. He leads our every step..and gives us our very next breath.. I'm just so happy you've decided to have your special time with Him...makes me smile beyond what I can convey.

Blessings, Love and Thursday Sunshine, Terri

Amanda said...

I hate that you've had a setback. I wish I had some encouraging words, but they fail me. I think because like so many times when you lose something you love, there really aren't words that comfort all that much. You just have to live in the hurt for a while. I will continue with special prayers that for this new season in life, God would bless you with a "new" special tool, crutch, victory, friend, place of prayer. I know how important those things are - we all need them. I love you. And Little Man sends his hugs. He's antsy for the real ones - me, too.

Deb said...

sorry about the knee...but you will find something else to feel the void...thanks for sharing with us...

Deb said...

Did Amanda stop her blog? I enjoyed hearing the tales of your little man...

linda said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your knee because I know how much you love running, even inspiring me to want to run after my ankle is completely healed. You are right though, when one door closes, usually another one opens. It will only be a matter of time I'm sure.

I like your thrive list...I could have written it myself. I love to garden, enjoy bike riding and quiet time with the Lord, and I too have been on a journey this year to declutter. Plain and simple, I've just got to much "stuff!"

Chatty Crone said...

I love your Thrive list and think it's a great idea. I'm sorry about your knee.

Hopefully you will be back running ASAP.


Katherine said...

So sorry to hear of your set backs Tanna. I know how important running is to you. Remember as one door closes another always opens! Hang in there! I'm sure your visit to Roanoke in a few weeks will heal so much for you! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Tanna. (I've had computer probs this week, so please forgive me for not being here for a while.)
I'm sorry to hear about your knee. I'll be praying for you, and when Tara, Vickie, and I see you, we'll all lay hands on it and pray. I believe in miracles.
Just tonight in my short walk, I was thinking about running. Just in the last few weeks have I been thinking about running. So I was thinking (it's a spiritual thing) that I should be telling myself many times a day "I want to run. My legs want to run. My heart wants to run. I want to run."
I have allowed myself to get BIG in the BEHIND so I will now WILL myself to run. Running's fun, I tell myself. So when I see you soon, I'll be running -- maybe just only 50 yards, but it will be a start. You are my inspiration.

koralee said...

I soooooo understand how you feel..any setback/injury is so frustating. Sounds like you have plans to keep fit while your knee is getting better. xoxo Have a great weekend and thank you so much for all your lovely comments.

Darlene said...

Morning Noni,

I am so sorry about your knee and having to give up running when it brings you so much pleasure. I think your list and goals sound wonderful and I hope you will find the same joy with those tasks.

To answer your question about my collages. I make them through Picnik. You can go to and just start creating. Nothing gets downloaded to your computer and there is a limited amount free. From the moment I started using it I LOVED it, so I paid the yearly fee (not much I think it was around $22.00) and went ahead and upgraded so I can use anything in the site. I truly LOVE it!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.♥

Stacey at Living by Faith said...

I am sorry to hear about your knee. It kind of took my breath away. You have been such a HUGE inspiration to me as you share about your running. I am so glad to hear that you are going to get out and bike. It will be different, but I know God will still show up big and have those similar moments with you. Keep thriving!


Dana said...

That really stinks! I can relate on a much smaller level. Before marrying Laine I was up to running 45 minutes to an hour but my knees just couldn't take it anymore and it became so painful. I was LOVING my runs and how great I felt during and afterwards. Every time I've tried running since my knees ache. I'm hoping one day I'll lose some weight and be able to try again. I hope you are able to find some other exercise that gives you the same feeling and since of accomplishment. I'm praying for you!

Tammy at Tattered and Timeless said...

Noni- I am so sorry that you have to give up running as I know that is a big thing for you - it gave you happiness.
I am sure being the upbeat person that you are that biking will take it's place and make you happy.
I am at a struggling place too. Waiting on a doc appt this week to see when I need to have a hysterctomy. Yes only 44 but after having a biopsy and such a week ago - he feels it is what to do. I know it is for the best so that is the mindset I am going in with.
I am thinking of you..and hey get the bike going and you can head up to Wichita Falls and do the "hotter-n-hell 100" :)

Solar Powered said...

Big sigh...I'm just catching up and am so sad to see this. I get it, it's the loss of something so therapeutic. I'm sorry but you are such an inspiration in that you always find the brighter side by the end of a post. Really, it is such an inspiration.

Lauri said...

You are so right about attitude shaping everything. I've caught myself with a pretty poor one at times so this is such a great reminder for me. The bicycle sounds like a great alternative, and have you ever considered swimming? Supposed to be so much easier on our bodies. Anyway, hang in there and I love seeing your goals and progress!

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