Monday, July 6, 2009

Rocket Man

In the dark hours of early morning July 4th, Evan came back into the house with a newspaper and this little guy... emaciated, long finger-nailed and reeking (I believe he had rolled in and consumed some dead animal). No collar.

After three days of food, his little body is already looking better. He's been bathed, held, played with and loved. He's playing with a little turkey here.

We have asked around. Watched for fliers and ads in the paper.

He has an appointment with the vet tomorrow to see if he has been chipped.

I have to admit that I have mixed feelings about finding his owners... he seems to have been having a tough time. He has the kindest and most appreciative attitude. He's quiet and house-broken. He LOVES to snuggle. He is as quick and as playful as can be. We call him Herman, a.k.a. Rocket Man. Did I mention he leaps through the air to get into your lap?

He is asleep in my lap even now. =)


deedee said...

oh, oh, sounds like someone is adding a dog to the family. Those cute puppy dog eyes will get you every time! I guess we'll know if you kept Rocket Man - there will be a picture on the side of your blog :)

Amanda said...

You are such a sucker! I can't believe Herman has reeled you in! =) He'll probably be devastated to go back to his original owner if they haven't given him any loves. =(

Lauri said...

Tanna, Rocket Man is precious! I can certainly understand not wanting to give him back. He knows a softie when he sees one! :-)

Dana said...

I bet little Alex would like Rocket Man. Can't wait to find out what happens with him. So precious!

California Girl said...

it's wonderful of you to take in the dog. he is lovely and he needs you and your description of his attitude is heartwarming. all our pets are pound animals or strays. they need us so much. good for you.

Jill said...

Tanna, this post was one of the "teaser" posts below today's post. I did not "know" you then so I missed Herman's outcome...what happened to him?

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