Friday, July 3, 2009


Unsettled. Restless. Anxious. Annoyed. I seem to be flooded with these feelings. I'm not really enjoying this season of emotion. Neither is my beloved.

Four weeks ago, Amanda was in for her last trip before Baby Alex arrives. In the course of our conversations, I told her that I was restless. The next day a gentleman knocks on the door and asks if we would sell our house. Long story short, for three weeks our lives were in a helter-skelter state as we considered whether we would sell... and, what would we want to do if we did. We named a price. He was not deterred and scheduled a time to meet with us. We looked at houses in a frenzied state. Was there anything out there that we would be happy with? We came up with a game plan. He backed out. We were relived... and disappointed. Topsy-turvy.

Then, there was the issue of forming an LLC for all my "projects" that have become rental properties. I hate to even use the term "rental property" there is such a negative association with rentals. I have high aspirations for the saved old beauties... but, alas, they are, at the end of the day, rental properties. Loved rental properties. Still rental properties. Dragging along all the baggage that goes with the territory of landlords and tenants. Mostly good for us. But, not all. Word to the wise: You should form the LLC BEFORE you start collecting the projects.

Then, of course, there is the waiting for Little H (aka Baby Correa. aka Alexander Cole). Probably the root of the restless anxiousness. Won't be long now.

We did have a fun afternoon with Janna and Zack. Janna is a great little soccer player and came over on a hot Sunday afternoon to play in a Mexican League game. We were treated to both the joy of watching her work her magic on the field and a big girl fight (that I have to admit was entertaining in a bizarre fashion). Mostly it was great fun to spend time with Zack and Janna.

Evan and I celebrated eight years on the 30th. I love how we still laugh!

I am hoping that now that the house situation is past, things will settle down. I have things to do before I leave town. There is a very special young family I want to take a house warming present and see how they are doing. I need to make a list for my beloved of things that will need to continue while I am gone. And, batten down the hatches for my plants... to survive as best they can. =)

Still... I am restless.


California Girl said...

Hi Tanna: is that why you haven't been writing? I wondered.

I no longer even think of the term or the idea of renting as negative. Many people are downsizing to smaller homes and some conventional wisdom even says it no longer makes sense to own a home. I am beginning to believe that. My husband and I have a wonderful home with a great view. It's not like one of yours...we have dogs & a cat & younger son moved back in, so we've not replaced carpet or furniture, two things that would make it a showplace. However, it's a great house. Yet, we spend most of our time cleaning up, mowing, gardening, repairing. We both feel it's time to sell (even tho' a huge piece of me will cry like a baby) and just rent or move in w/ his aging mother & fix up her place and get it ready to sell when she goes. My brother and I own our parent's place in Santa Barbara Co. We keep it fixed up and rented. I would like to own a small place up here or rent Scott's mother's home after she's gone and live somewhere else. Anyway, don't know if this helps or not, but you may be fixing up these beauties for people like me who want a really nice place to live but no longer want the headaches of ownership.

deedee said...

Congrats on your 8 years - my hubby and I celebrated 8 years this year too! Wishing you a safe trip - don't forget the camera :)

Tanna said...

C.G.: So much of what you said resonates with thoughts I have been toying with myself. I have never rented. But, after the headaches of maintenance, for our own and a small group of others, I am certainly seeing the benefit of having someone else to call to "fix stuff." There are definitely some "pros" to the list. Then again... there is another old duplex on the market... she needs someone to respect her age, her character, her timeless beauty... lol. I am a sucker!

deedee: thanks you! And, congrats to you and your hubby, too! I have so many things to pack: shower gifts, sewing machine (to do projects), the cradle, my clothes, maybe my golf clubs (if there is room), AND MY CAMERA! lol. I'll look like the Beverly Hillbillies traveling to Virginia! Thank you for the safe wishes.

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