Tuesday, February 10, 2009

After the rain...

Okay, admittedly, this post is going to be a little gross. But, it is vital information about the neighborhood! The first time I witnessed this phenomenon I was freaked out. After a rain, our streets are COVERED with the BIGGEST worms I have ever seen in my life! As a newcomer, the first time I ventured out in the morning dark for my run (post rain), I noticed that I kept having a squishing sensation every step or so. As daylight came, I saw what had caused the squishing! So, take note: tread carefully after the rain!

That is my big ole 8 1/2 shoe on the left!


Caroline said...

I have never seen worms that big! I bet that was a bit of a strange sensation stepping on them.
Had a quick look at some of the other posts, love what you have done with the decorating. I will visit your blog again.

Liz said...

EW! That's like a small snake to me. :)

Tanna of The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Caroline and Liz,
Thanks so much for stopping by! EWWW is right! I do believe they could make the Guiness Book of Records! LOL! Come again... maybe it won't be so gross next time. =)

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