Monday, January 9, 2017

Snapshots of 2016

You may just want to click on to another spot... this is LONG.  Since I missed most all of 2016, I'm saving a few memories in snapshots here.  Early 2016 found Miss B and I enjoying our art time as the packing to move was commencing.

 We closed on our new home in early February.  There were four LARGE trailers of leaves and dead shrubs that took days to haul off.  My brother and sister-in-law, Jeff and Brenda, and son, Zack were our lifesavers during this move!  We couldn't have made it without them.

Two weeks after the move found us in Cabo San Lucas on a YES trip with new friends.  Part of me hated to leave the mess we had at home; part of me was glad for the break!

We had a wonderful time!

I enjoyed lots of TLC from this incredible little chef.  Our Miss B does love cooking up delicious meals!

She also helped her Noni plant a herb garden!  Such a good little helper!

Easter fun!

Lots of park time...

LOVE notes from afar.  Be still my heart.

We enjoyed craft times here...

And celebrated receiving photos of art work from Virginia... Our Roo is quite the little artist.  This is Lady "Li-bra-tee" on display at his school...

Along with the "Bold" Eagle and American Flag.

Our most amazing news of the year was that the Little Men & Co. were returning to Texas in the summer!  This was my LAST trip to Roanoke... to celebrate the boys' birthdays.  I will miss visiting Roanoke, but I am so happy that they are only two hours away now.

Our precious Roo and his dear, dear friend Savannah.  I can't begin to tell you how sweet their little friendship was... such encourage-rs to one another.

This was our last Virginia hike.  Roo was a beast of a trail leader this day!  ;)

Meanwhile, back at home... repairs and work were still in progress...

Then, in Ft. Worth, the house hunt with Little Men & Co. ended here.  My car has more miles since July than it had the year and an half before.  LOL!

There was lots of golf lady fun all year!

And, more Little Men fun!

 And, first days of school...

Miss B had her first day of Pre-School this year!  She loves it.  =)

There were great times with these two as we fed our yarn addictions and solved life's problems... or at least made them better in the sharing.

And, another FIRST DAY... I love getting these photos... if you can't be there, it's the next best thing.

Then, we were off again for a little fun with Jeff and Brenda in Ruiodoso, NM.  It was sooooo cool compared to the Texas heat.  Now, that was a burger to tell about!

Breathtaking views...

Golf at Inn of the Mountain Gods... Gorgeous course.  There's a story to this one.  A young man saw fit to play through and to choose my ball when he did.  Brenda may still have nightmares about the chase and retrieval of my ball that ensued.  LOL!

My Mom turned 80 in October.  She's here with most of her grands.

 And, then the great grands.

The State Fair of Texas... everyone wants a picture with Big Tex.

Oh, the fun they had...

Too cute... and you'll notice our little sweet addict enjoying some cotton candy.  No trip to the Fair is complete without that!

Love to see those smiles...

My favorite Halloween decoration with two of my favorite Trick or Treaters!

Pure sweetness!

Post Fall Festival dinner... Mummy dogs and monster teeth... LOL!  They're looking pretty tired at this point!  LOL!  My motto is wear 'em down.  LOL!

There was even more golf fun...

And, porch gatherings...

And, requests from the Little Men: "Could you put this on Instagram, Noni?"

And, the beginnings of Ornament Hats...

Such cute Ornaments! 

Gifts of the Spirit... Peace Award to our Alex.  Thank you, Father.  Such a precious one.

About to celebrate the Peace Award at Chipotle... Alex's go to choice for celebration!  Roo was not AS EXCITED about Chipotle.  ;)

Be still my heart once more... The note I found on my boots the morning I was getting ready to come back home... Love this child and am so very, very grateful for his precious love.

My little crusader.  Can't tell you how proud I am of her... She's a one woman army of service (though growing her forces)... Spreading kindness and appreciation... God's love.  Let it flow, girl.  Let is flow!

Yep, that sassy little one in the middle is ours!  Miss B's first Christmas program... Soooo sweet!

Amanda sent me this photo of Alex... he said the yarn bombing reminded him of Noni... Once more... be still my heart...

Christmas from my Mom... My favorite part was the cedar she had put in the box from home.  Perfect.  And, my chocolate lover, Alex, visited Santa SEVERAL times to enjoy a treat.  ;)

The Ornament Factory...

My girls making our Christmas candy... The ones our family has made for generations... I hope one of them will remember... and keep it going.

They did an awesome job!!

Now, this is another good looking bunch of Ornaments!  We do Griswold here.  ;)

Christmas night... This was the first time in many years I had not read these two The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve... They had Christmas at their own home this year and came after Santa had visited.  We enjoyed stories Christmas evening on the back porch... it was perfect.

We couldn't have Christmas holiday without a visit to the Dinner Bell!

2016 was a wonderful year... I am FULL of hope for 2017!  Thank you, Father for the blessing you have bestowed.  Help us to shine Your Light.

blessings ~ tanna


Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Such a sweet post. I loved seeing your sweet family. The pictures of you with the Grandchildren are so adorable. You see the love in all your faces for each other. You look so happy and awesome. Keep up the good work of making 2017 the year of Joy and Peace.

Blessings to you sweet friend. :)

From the Kitchen said...

I poured myself another cup of coffee and viewed your entire post! I do believe that your new home is more you than the "big vanilla". I liked seeing the Roanokers' new home. Quite different from the one in the Star City!! The children are growing up beautifully. I know you are all happy to be close. Lastly, I LOVE the ornament hats!!


podso said...

I enjoyed the recap of your year! And I agree with Bonnie--your new house is lovely and looks like your house! And what wonderful news for you to have your little guys moving to your state!

Christine said...

Everything went blank after I read that, The Little Men & Co. are moving!!
I gather you still are in Texas. This is wonderful.
Now, I have to go back and reread your post so I can catch up.
I'm so excited, they are moving!!!!!

Laurie said...

It was so fun catching up with you for the year. Such great memories!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Such a happy year for you, Tanna! It was so nice to see you enjoying all your grandchildren over so many occasions and the best news is your daughter and family moving closer to you, back to Texas! Your new house is perfect and I know you will fill it up with love. Happy New Year to you and your family!



Amanda said...

That is some impressive photo-culling right there. Two words for 2016: busy and joyful. YES! XOXO

Elaine Thompson said...

Hi Tanna,
Thanks for sharing your year with us! It looks like a year filled with family and lots of love! The ornament hats are precious. Where is the pattern available? Also, the soft pink, knitted shawl took my breath away. So flattering on you! Would you please share your yarn and pattern name?

Many thanks and best wishes for 2017!


Is There Anybody Out There? said...

I love reading about big, loving, crazy families. Need more of them! TomG.

Tricia Buice said...

I got goosebumps reading that your family is back in Texas. I am so happy for you Tanna. All the photos are fantastic and you had an incredible year! The golf story sounds interesting - would love to hear / read the whole thing! The boys have grown so much and are so handsome. What a beautiful family. LOVE your new house - it does look like you! Hope you didn't have to renovate too much. Happy wife, happy life!

Mereknits said...

How wonderful tat you are all in one state again Tanna, I am so happy for you. Love your new house and love all the memories you shared with us.

Judy S. said...

Loved seeing all the photos and noticing that your grands are growing up, too. Time sure does fly, doesn't it? Glad, too, that you're enjoying your new home and that soon all your family will be near by. Lucky you! Happy New Year!

steph said...

What a year....and what a year you'll have coming up with that great porch to make more memories!! I really can't begin to tell you how happy I am that you've returned to your cyberspace. I've missed you so!

karen said...

I love that you took photos all year that you weren't blogging but you were in your mind. What a lovely year!!

Nonna Rose said...

So happy you are back posting. God bless you and your beautiful family!

Linda said...

Oh my...what a wonderful year you all had...such happy faces!!
Wonderful post Tanna...thanks so much for sharing...
Linda :o)

La Table De Nana said...

Beautiful post and family and you Noni..don't you just love the love we experience with thse sweet souls?
Ohmygosh..we know they love us..and we know we love them.
You had so much going I understand that the boys will be in the house in Fort Worth?
I may be confused..

our homes bear a few resemblances..the porch..the 3 dormers..:)
Great catching up..hope you stay:)

Cheryl @ TFD said...

I'm catching up on blogging and I'm sure glad I didn't miss this post! I enjoyed seeing all your photos, Tanna. And I know you are so happy to have your beautiful family living closer. What a wonderful year you had! Wishing you another fantastic year ahead!

handmade by amalia said...

So many lovely moments to recall and cherish. I'm looking forward to seeing more of the herb garden.

Lynne said...

Wonderful tanna . . .
Loved catching up to you, your family and your year.
Happy 2017 . . .

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