Saturday, February 7, 2015

A Special Thanks and A Busy WeeK

Sending a very, very special thank you to Deb of Just Cats... and Tea Cups.  Deb lives in Ontario and is in the process of making a very big life change with her dear husband, beautiful cats and faithful dog.  I am looking forward to sharing her journey as they move to the country and live in The Mouse House (carriage house) while they are building a home.  Deb has the sweetest spirit and shares beautiful photos...  I always love enjoying a cup of tea with her.  ;)  There is always something yummy on her saucer.

And, since I was fortunate enough to win a give away Deb recently had on her blog, I will particularly enjoy sharing a cup of tea with her.  Thank you so very much, Deb.

Along with the deep appreciation, I am sending sympathies for the loss of one of her dear cats, Lily. It is so hard to say good-bye to pets who are like family.  

As for the busy week... one of our Old Girl apartments had a tenant move out who had been there since we before bought the place.  We ripped up the carpet and found damage from wetness... hard to say how the tenant got it that wet. But, the hardwoods are now scheduled for sanding, staining and refinishing as soon as the painting is finished.

I had a helper in Little Miss B.  Yes, we were eating junk food; it was fast and only a couple of blocks from the Old Girl.  These kind of weeks strain the healthy eating plan.  ;)  And, yes, our little Tomboy has bumps and scratches.  LOL!

Meanwhile, miles and miles away, these two are taking swim lessons!  It is entirely TOO COLD for their Noni to like their swimming even in an indoor pool.  Ha!  I think Roo feels the same way while Alex seems to be delighting in it regardless!  He is our water child!  Hot.  Cold.  He doesn't care!  Bring it on.

Then, there is is the issue of a yarn choice for joining these Bohemian squares.  My plan on the Corbet's Green has been thwarted... at least for the time being.  Any thoughts on one of these colors to join the squares?? BTW, do you see that shawl pattern to the top right of this photo???  Laura is instigating and enabling AGAIN! And, Melissa, of Girls in Sheeps Clothing... and a Few Boys, Too sent an e-mail with ANOTHER temptation. Love that about other yarn addicts.  LOL!

I was so excited to have a morning I could blog!  Now, it's almost over.  Time flies!

Hope you are all enjoying a wonderful weekend.  Thank you again for the beautiful saucer and teas, Deb.  I will most definitely enjoy them and think of you.

blessings ~ tanna


Betsy Brock said... much fun stuff! How great that you won the giveaway. Big hugs to Deb and her sweet Lily. I know that feeling well. So hard!

That pool photo made me shiver!

Love those lovely squares...gorgeous!

Pammy Sue said...

Look at the beautiful Madelinetosh! The colors match your new teacup and saucer. Did you notice that? Pretty! Have fun with all your yarny goodness and new shawl project.

Melissa ~ twoknitwit said...

poor Roo! I shiver just looking at him :)

& those floors ~ ack ~ what a horrible thing to discover!

I'm torn between the blue for joining (out of my box...what a fantastic pop of color that would be) and the creamy neutral...always lean towards the neutral in my safe little box :)

it will be fantastic no matter what you decide, Tanna! and I can't wait to see that poncho on you :)

La Table De Nana said...

Roo's face:) His expression and his legs and arms..So adorable..and your little blonde tomboy..and the wool..And how sweet of Deb..she is:)
We have one like Alex:)

Annette T. said...

I just wrote a post and it disappeared! Oh the wonderment of computers. My, the grand kids are growing so fast. The teacup and saucer are such treasures. As for the squares, I'm partial to the beautiful turquoise or maybe even the lilac/lavender tones. Looking at that floor makes you wonder what in the heck did happen to them!

TexWisGirl said...

sweet tea cup and saucer! love your little grands. adorable. the water damage? yuck!

Laurie said...

Beautiful squares! My vote would be for the lavender yarn to join them.

From the Kitchen said...

That Roo looks just like me when I encounter cold water!! Love seeing the boys and the little lady. Thank goodness for real hardwood floors. They can be refinished.

I've been without internet or phone for the last day and a half. Just back on line and catching up.


Susan Sevig said...

What a wonderful posting. I enjoyed all your pics, especially your sweet grand babies. The yarn is lovely but I am not the one to give you an answer to the joining yarn. I am so darn conservative that way, I am boring. ;)

podso said...

Pretty cup and saucer and it's always nice to see one of the old girls. Love that bookcase with its unusual shelf. Oh the boys look cold but I guess it's a good thing to learn to swim. As far as color, I'm such a lover of turquoise or green or whatever that one is called. It might be dramatic where the neutral would be safe … Sounds like you are having a good weekend, and your little one is so darling. What a fun companion!

Catherine said...

Dear Tanna, It is wonderful to get to know the bloggers that we have met in this wonderful world of blogging.
I am sorry for the loss of her cat. It is heartbreaking.
Well, it certainly does look like you are busy, though the lunch break with Little Miss B looks like fun!!
I could not even think of swimming at the moment we are expecting more snow tomorrow!!
I like the middle color; the blue one. Though whichever one you choose will be beautiful.
Take care dear and have fun. xoxoxo Catherine

steph said...

what a great weekend you are having!!! a little work...a little play....a few hugs! can't beat that. I don't think you can miss with any of those yarn choices, either!

Dewena said...

Your grandchildren are so cute! I just got through FTing with 2 of mine, that helps but nothing like taking them for French fries or watching them swim, or just anything really.

Lovely tea cup! And good luck on the apartment repairs.

Linda said...

Isn't Deb the sweetest gal?
And you won! Fantastic....I never win :o(...hahaha!
Looks like you had a very busy week...
That wee face is adorable....
Linda :o)

Deb said...

Hi Tanna - Well, you are so welcome. I hope you enjoy many wonderful cups of tea in your new cup. If you had our weather right now you'd be partaking in a hot cup at this very moment. It is freezing here. Thank you so much for your nice comments on our dear little Lily. She will be missed so much. Hugs, Deb.

handmade by amalia said...

Nothing better than a present that comes in the mail, and yours is just beautiful. Enjoy.

Amy at love made my home said...

That peacock blue yarn in the middle is beautiful isn't it! Such a wonderful colour. I hope that you can get the apartment sorted out without too much trouble, a very mysterious problem to solve! xx

Cheryl @ TFD said...

That's a beautiful teacup...congrats on your win!
I love the yarn in the middle, that is one of my favorite colors.
Cute pictures of the little ones! Hope you get the floor problem fixed easily.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

The teacup you won is very beautiful, Tanna. I will have to pay Deb's blog a visit.

I loved seeing your adorable granddaughter and grandsons this post! I agree with you and Roo, that cold water is hard to swim in!

Good luck with the new floor refinishing in your 'old girl"--I'm sure it will look beautiful when taken care of.

My vote is for the lavender yarn--I like that color quite a bit!

Lynne said...

Of the three, the middle one gets my vote.
Adorable grands . . .
Happy Tea Times!

Tricia Buice said...

The hardwood will be so pretty when refinished! But it does sound like a lot of work. Your granddaughter is adorable and I love that she is tough! The boys are brave to swim in winter - I would be freezing! What a gorgeous gift - the tea cup is awesome. The yarns are beautiful too but I am no help in that department! Have a great week Tanna :)

Jemma@athomewithjemma said...

Back from visiting the youngest daughter and celebrating Molly's Birthday Bash-so fun.
Now, just look at these grands-too precious, adorable and endearing! Appears like you have had a beautiful week...except for the water on these floors, so good you were able to get to them before more damage occurred.
Love your tea cup and saucer too!
I am drooling over your yarn...
Warmest Hugs,

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