Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Knitting Review 2010

The knitting year started with a bunny pattern from Itty Bitty Toys by Susan B. Anderson and a striped cardigan by Sublime.  Little Man and his Momma named this bunny Coco O'Hare.  The first time I heard LM "Coco O'Hare," my heart just melted (as it does multiple times when I am in his presence). 

 One of my favorite projects of the year is this simple shawl made of Noro yarn.  I can't recall why the next photo is so blurry. 

I LOVE this shawl I tell you.  It's pattern is Sursa and is in a Noro book.

My first (and only) pair of socks.

My second bunny... she went to live with a very precious young lady, who we came to know through her mom's and Nanny's blogging.

 This is sitting in my hope chest... until the 18th, when we will find out whether we can use this for our upcoming arrival..... or not.  I saw it on another blog and just could not resist ordering the kit and making it.  It is called the Clara.

This little elfin hat carries memories of a long, long trip to help a friend bring his mother close for him to help in her care... good and sad memories...

I enjoy this afghan every day.  Every day.

 Another blurry photo.  I remember why this one is this way.  I couldn't figure out how to change my delay from 2 seconds to a more manageable 10 that day!  LOL!  I apologize for the blur... I am just making myself a record of 2010 knitting.  Please forgive.  I made this prayer shawl for Barbara, one of my oldest and dearest friends.

This shawl is named Haruni, which means grandmother.  It lives with another friend named Dee.

This little lacey tank went to our little blogging friend.

This Lily cardigan was made with lots and lots of love for my daughter.

Another shawl, for the prayer shawl ministry at our church.

A little Sublime vest for a new baby boy, "Cousin" to Little Man.

Sublime pattern, knitted in Cupcake, for another sweet "cousin".

Easy Peasy pattern for myself in a Rowan Felted Tweed.

A Sindar waistcoat in Inca by Katia.

A shawl I made for Mom's Christmas out of Rowan's Big Wool.

And last of all, an elfin stocking cap for Santa's little helper!  That wraps up the review of Knitting 2010.  I am missing photos of  a scarf I made for my dear friend, Kathy.  It was rushed down to the wire for gifting and I missed getting any pictures.  Thank you for indulging my desire to make record of all the year's projects.  I have the first project for 2011 off the needles! We are off to a good start!

Hope you are all warm and well fed.  We are blessed.


From the Kitchen said...

Oh Tanna, I long to be a knitter. I've truly tried. My first project was finished--a slipover sweater that wouldn't slip over my head and no one to help me correct it (30 years ago). I've started several others and failed. I did successfully complete a baby afghan for a niece--very simple. It's very special to slip into something that's truly one of a kind but, alas, I'm not sure it will happen ever. A friend made me socks for my birthday several years ago. I LOVE them! I have a feeling they are not easy!

Of course the best is L. M. in that beautiful sweater and then in his little elfin cap.

Happy knitting in 2011.

podso said...

Ah such beauty, Tanna. I can knit vicariously through your photos. You have "staged" them so well. I love all the colors. I tend not to knit as much now as here in the south there is not much need for such things (except this year!) Those little dresses are tempting though. I wonder if I could follow a pattern after all these years? I tend now to do mindless crocheting of baby caps for newborns, to keep my hands busy. :-)


Katie said...

Such amazing talent!!

ritad said...

Love your project recap.....love your knitting.. I would like to know why you did one pair of socks and said it would be the only pair..I so want to learn to knit socks.....still can't handle the multi needles..maybe someday..

Deb said...

wow Tanna...great projects in 2010 can't wait to see all the ones for 2011...I've always envied people that can knit and crochet..

Vickie said...

Tanna, I can't decide which is my favorite project that you did this year - I think it's a tie between the brown sweater and the multi-colored one just below. Of course, those would hopefully fit me - guess I'm being selfish. You do such a beautiful job! I am gushing over the baby things, too, and sadly I don't have any babies yet to knit or crochet for. The blue table scarf is just gorgeous. I thought it was tatting for a minute there. My grandmother used to do tatting. This was a great post to see what all you've done this year! What's on your calendar for 2011 I wonder????

Chatty Crone said...

When you look at all those aren't you so proud of yourself? They are all gorgeous. I'll be hoping for a girl to wear that pretty dress.


Betsy said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I was going to pick a favorite, but I can't! They are all wonderful!

nanny said...

They are all perfect....close to the top of my list would have to be the afghan....it looks so soft and warm!!!
I can't wait until the 17th! So exciting!!!! You will make those needles smoke after you find out!!!

Tara said...

Beautiful work Tanna. Can't wait to see what is in store for 2011. Great photos. Your family is lovely.

Artist Terri Smith said...

Oh my goodness Tanna..this was the most beautiful display of knitted delights I think I've ever seen! I can hardly wait to see if the gorgeous Clara Design will be able to worn by a special young lady. I'm just in awe over your knitting talent! I sure had a few select favorites but I know for sure those socks would be my favorite right now. Just can't seem to get my feet warm. Sending hugs of love and friendship..together with a few ice cycles, Terri

Julie Harward said...

You are utterly amazing! I have never seen such beautiful knitting, ever! Every piece is a piece of art and beauty! :D

Jill said...

I love EACH and EVERY ONE. But, I covet the bunnies! SO precious!

The Rowan Felted Tweed Cardigan and waistcoat are my FAVORITES!! Oh, but the little elfin hats are so cute too!

My grandmother knits and I wonder if someday I could learn.

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

You amaze me! You do such beautiful and unique things. I'm glad you made a point to get pictures of them.
Productive Year!

Tammy said...

Tanna- you were a knitting machine weren't you? They are all so lovely and everyone should be so honored to have them.
I have always envied women who knit- it is a beautiful craft.
thanks for sharing and here is to more beauty you create in 2011


ACC's Daddy said...

I can't come up with a favorite - they are all magnificent. But I have to say, Cocoa O'Hare and the Christmas elfin hat are right up there. Along side of those are my sweater and the striped Easter sweater for LM. Such precious treasures that I absolutely cherish. Love you!

Amanda said...

Ha - I just realized that Jerry had signed in to read my blog, so my comment here was posted under his name. I assume you figured that out, but just in case... =)

Christine said...

Posting pictues of these yummy creations is a great way to preserve them and show us your talent.
I enjoyed admiring all of your hard work.

Dana said...

Wow - you've accomplished a lot this year! LOVE the sweet sweater you made Ryan. Just sad he grew out of it so fast. :-)

ann said...

Wow, you are so talented. Everything is really beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Oh, girl! Love the rowan felted tweed and that picture of you! And it's great that you have chronicled it here on your blog. You're so inspiring! Happy New Year, Friend! I'm coming over there! :)

Solar Powered said...

This post just made me cry. They are all so pretty Noni and I am so proud of Miss Lila's treasures. Just last night she passed the bunny on her nightstand, smiled a huge smile, and gave him one of her big ole hugs! She quickly pulled and said EEEE-AAARRR on his soft pink ear.

Katherine said...

You are one talented Noni, that's for sure! Love all of your work. What a fun hobby you have! And one that Sarah got to benefit from. The purple sweater was just perfect. It is definitely going in the "keepsake" box. :)

It's Just Dottie said...

Just beautiful and so are you . Wonderful
french bread recipe .
We really did enjoy it. I will make it many more times!!!
The photos taken from your windows of the snow were so lovely .
Thank you so much ,

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Tanna you knit so beautifully! I regret never learning how to knit or crochet, but that doesn't excuse me from not taking lessons now to learn. I have to try to find a place that gives lessons as I don't know anyone who knits.

We were told that our expected second grandchild was going to be a girl after the first sonogram. The second sonogram a month later proved them wrong! It was a roller coaster ride for all of us to think girl and then go back to boy, but we are all thrilled to be welcoming another boy this March :)

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

You are quite a talented person! I am a little envious of your ability, I must admit. I have wanted to learn to quilt for a long time, but, alas, have not taken the time. Your work causes a light in me to stir!

I think my favorite pieces of yours are the orange sweater you made for your daughter and the afghan...that looks so comfy! Nicely done!

Lauri said...

What a wonderful, beautiful record of your talent, Tanna! Each hand-crafted item is such a treasure, and you are so thoughtful and generous to share your gifts with so many folks. I admit, I am envious of your knitting ability. Anyone who has ever met me has observed how UN-crafty I am. You name it, I'll screw it up! Hence my admiration and recognition of the true talent you possess. Thank you for sharing!!

California Girl said...

Enjoyed looking at your many finished works and they are impressive and beautiful. You are prolific.

I've read my way down from today's announcement. Congrats! Guess that little dress will go elsewhere now. Two boys is awesome. I'm prejudiced, of course.

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