Wednesday, December 15, 2010

MaMaw's Plum Cake

Lately, I've had my MaMaw on my mind... alot.  As my siblings and I will from time to time discuss, we hardly knew our grandparents.  We always lived too far away for frequent visits; therefore, they never shared in our everyday lives.  At least not until the last few years of my MaMaw's life, when she moved to our area.  Unfortunately, she died at the young age of 60; so there were only a few years.  One of the fondest memories I have was of she and I going to T, G & Y (the old school Walmart-- my Dad always referred to it as Tough Grimy and Yellow.  Anyway, I digress.) to get my very first out-on-my-own Christmas decorations.  I still have many of those, but my favorite acquisition was a plastic Santa figure about three feet tall.  It was a little more than I should have spent on my budget at the time, but I so loved him.  She encouraged me to buy it and I did.  I still remember driving home with Santa perched between us in the front seat singing Christmas carols all the way home.  He STILL makes me happy.  We had such a fun time that day!  Sweet memory. 

MaMaw wasn't really a great cook, but she was plenty-good in our eyes!  Cakes were her best creations!!  Seems she always had a cake or homemade fig filled tea cakes.  And, she would always have the real Cokes in the small glass bottles!  Such a treat for us (we always drank milk at home!). 

I enjoyed making one of these last week.  The smells reminded me of her... and of that fun Christmas shopping trip.  Merry Christmas, MaMaw.

*NOTE:  there are no jars of plum baby food  with tapioca to be found.  I used prune baby food and it turned out just fine.  I am sure you could use applesauce or pumpkin or whatever. 

Wishing you a happy memory today...


Amanda said...

I love this post. What sweet memories you've shared. And I love that old Santa. I have so many memories of him, too. I'm glad you splurged that day to bring him home. Because of the memories you made with MaMaw and because of the memories you created for us growing up. I love you.

Scrappy Girl said...

I wonder if "Blueberry Buckle" baby food would work? Shoot it's been so long since I shopped for baby food that they may not make that anymore either. It was made by Gerber.

Such sweet memories. My grandparents are both in their late 80s and seem to be getting weaker every time I visit. I usually end up in tears on the way to the car. I loved reading about your memories.

Diana said...

Oooo, I need to make this!!!

Vickie said...

Awww, Tanna, this was such a good sweet memory of your mamaw! I had a mamaw, too, and a nanny, and every time I use one of their recipes or use a quilt they made or a dish that was passed down, I think of them and hope that somehow they know the great pleasure that it gives me! Your mamaw's cake looks good! I'd probably NOT use prune but something else!!! haha!

Betsy said...

Oh, she sounds delightful! What a fun memory with your santa purchase, too!

The cake looks yummy, too!

Jill said...

THIS is my favorite kind of post! And, we have discussed that we both had a Mamaw. So sweet. ;)

The recipe's her writing isn't it? What a TREASURE! I had started a post on OLD recipes and YOU have inspired me to finish it.

I would love that Plum looks wonderful! A cup of coffee right along with it please! Sixty is SO VERY YOUNG.

nanny said...

What a sweet, sweet memory. I love my recipes that are handwritten. They are so special, I laminated them for extra protection.
Speaking of baby food....since I haven't purchased any in years (until last year) Isn't it amazing how it has changed? There was not really a selection compared to years ago. No pudding, no plums....I always took a bite then gave a bite/ha

It's Just Dottie said...

I think my mother-in-law made this same cake . She was the best cook I ever knew . I always loved going to her house . She always had something wonderful to eat nothing fancy just wonderful, wonderful food. I never asked the her cake recipe but I think you have just given it to me. Thank you for the recipe using turnips .
I made it last night and everyone loved it.

podso said...

Tanna, Love this post -- of course. What a great memory. And was that your mamaw's handwriting on the recipe? I love it when scents sweep me away to another time or particular occasion, or just Grandma's house!


Janean said...

oh, the hand-written recipes are sooooo sweet! adore seeing them (uh, and eating them)


Deb said...

love family memories...and how the holidays really brings them Nana baked cookies every year for the great grandkids...she passed away 5 years Mom made those cookies for my son this week on his 27th birthday...he loved them they were the best gift ever...Nana's cookies...

Julie Harward said...

Thanks for sharing that Tanna, it was very special. It is so neat that you have her hand written recipe, and it's a good one! Too bad she died so young. I think our parents who have passed on are very close to us. :D

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

That recipe needs to be framed... along with the photo of your cake. Beautiful!
I love those precious memories~ we all cling to them this time of year.

From the Kitchen said...

Even though I love cooking and baking, I miss the wonderful aromas coming from my mother's and grandmother's kitchens. I also love pulling out their handwritten recipes. I don't recall either of them having a formal cookbook.

Thanks for the memories and the recipe.


Katherine said...

What a special memory and a special tribute! This time of the year always brings those out, doesn't it! Thanks for sharing!

Christine said...

I always love reading and hearing about Grandmothers. The nostalgia just oozing from your words is so warming. I feel the love.
How precious that you have her handwritten recipe. It's like she's watching over you.

Laura said...

Hi Tanna-
I had a Mamaw too!
Sweet memories for sure-
I love plum cake and I especially loved seeing the recipe written in her handwriting.
The same things touch our hearts!

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WhatKarenSees said...

It's too bad when we are young we take our parents and grandparents for granted, because then, when they are no longer with us, we cherish every memory we have. A lovely post!

Anonymous said...

Truly a treasure to have the memories of your grandmothers recipe written down. The photo's are terrific. I wish my lil point and shoot Kodak did that.
God bless your weekend.


♥Sugar♥Plum♥Fairy♥ said...

Love filled memories , can imagine all those wonderful tea time memories!
How wonderful!
And u have done a very beautiful job with this lovely cake!
Lovee that plate too!
happy hols with love and Merry Christmas!

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