Monday, May 17, 2010


Do your ever feel overwhelmed with blogging?  Does it amaze you that there are so many more people you really care to know what's going on in their lives and how they are than before you blogged?

I confess I'm feeling overwhelmed.

Real life has been hectic with tenant changeovers... plumbers, electricians, painters, and my floor guy... a yard that desperately needs tending, knitting that wants to be done, Historic Tyler projects to be worked on, golf to be played, food to be cooked, laundry to be washed, bills to be paid, bookkeeping to be kept...

I know you all know how it is.  And, then there are blogs to be read... posts to be made... Where does all the time go???  Wishing you all (and myself) a peaceful, productive day!   ;)

BTW, I will find out the name of the roses soon.  And, Earl (yep, that had to be his name.  Thank you for ALL the wonderful name suggestions) has blown this joint and moved on.  I'm sad about that!


Laura said...

I am feeling exactly the same way.
You are not alone.
To add to the blogging stress I sometimes put upon myself, I see that other bloggers post everyday, have a million followers, and I think I just can't keep up.

I think that is something for me to let go of.

Real life comes first, right?
Thank you so much for be straight forward about this.

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California Girl said...

you take interesting photos, lovely to look at; I'd rely solely on those if I were taking them. I let my husband take them and then whine when he doesn't upload for my blog (which is becoming more and more rare). I do have a nice camera in my cell but it never dawns on me to use it. duh.

Nola @ the Alamo said...

Every day I ask myself where the time goes! Hope you have a productive day today, too!

Blue Creek Home said...

I hear you loud and clear!
Having Alex and baby Mason here is wonderful, but has limited my blogging/crafting/sewing time a little. And, sometimes I am just plain not in the mood for it!

I no longer get crazy anxious when my last post was 4 days ago and I miss a couple of my favorite parties.

I want to continue blogging because I do really enjoy it. I have just had to rewrite my personal blogging guidelines and that's just how is is going to be.

I hope you figure out a happy mix of real life and blogging. We don't want you to hang your blog hat up - just pace yourself.


Blue Creek Home said...

I finally did it!!

I type too fast and misspell my own name a lot, but I catch it before I hit publish.

Whoops... Rhod-na???

Natasha said...

I have been thinking about this too! I have decided not to post every day for my blog and to post every few days instead. It has left me with time to do the things I have to do and to visit more of my sweet blogging friends!

Looks like many of us are in the same boat!

Best wishes,

Deb said...

isn't it nice to have too much to do....I see my FIL with not enough to do and it is sad...having too much to do is what keeps us your photos...sorry to Earle moved on...atleast he wasn't flattened like our Fred...

Debbie said...

Sometimes I just wish I had something more interesting to post. I'm not one who can post daily or sometimes even weekly. Years ago I was diagnosed with FMS and I was forced to re-prioritize my life. That is under control now, but I learned that I don't want to go back to a harried lifestyle. I enjoy having time to enjoy:) Family first, my ministry second, and then my time for friends and fellowship and hobbies. Hope that doesn't sound selfish:)

kim said...

Tanna, look at your beautiful photography. Love the pond and fish. I know what you mean by overwhelmed. This blogging takes a LOT of time. I need to do a lot of other things and am trying to shuffle it. I don't have going on what you do. I would go nuts. I just have the house and yard, laundry and ironing, etc. Oh, but we will get through it all. Just not all at once.

Solar Powered said...

I am overwhelmed, yes. And I used to get overwhelmed by the blog but these days I try to pretend like no one is reading and what do I want to say about my day that no one would really care about?? I've also learned to not care if I don't post for a week and I tell myself I will catch up with everyone when I can.

Now for everything else in life, I wish I could manage the "overwhelmingness".

Good luck this week! Will be thinking of you :)

Stacey at Living by Faith said...

Hope your day was a good one! I have to tell you I passed on your great running advice you gave me before my race to Keelie at Real Fat. She just ran in her first 5K.

Chatty Crone said...

I think it is a lesson in learning - how much time to devote to the blogs and how much to other things. I've run into this issue myself.

Take a rest - and then come back - just come back.


Christine said...

I hear you.
I feel your "pain".
I liked what Laurs said, real life comes first.

Darlene said...

Your pictures are beautiful. I know EXACTLY what you mean about the time. I used to post everyday and freak out if I didn't have anything to post about. Now it is usually 2 or 3 times a week. If I have nothing, then I have nothing and will visit others when I am able.

It is crazy how close we feel to our fellow blogging friends isn't it?!?!

Amanda said...

Amen and amen, sister! You know I've had to put my computer down so that I could get my chores done. It's hard to keep up with everything. If the day comes when this becomes more of a drain than it is fun, then it's time to walk away for a while.

I do love to see your posts, though. =) And your BEAUTIFUL photographs. These are AWESOME!!

Amanda said...

PS - Earl probably left because he knew Little Man would try to torture him. Earl's no fool.

linda said...

While I love blogging, it does take up alot of time...time that I should be doing other things! It's all about finding the balance.

My problem is work. It just wears me out. I worked Mon and Tues so today I'm exhausted. Won't get too much done this morning until my second wind kicks in later in the day. You know first hand the strain of being a nurse. It's a love/hate relationship isn't it!

One thing I always do love is your photographs! You are so talented in so many different areas! You are an inspiration!

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