Monday, April 20, 2009

Knitting for Little H

Saturday, after pulling on my zebra-stripped galoshes, I forged the thunder, lightening and downpour to take Tess, the Scottie, to the Emergency Vet. If EVER there was an animal who could use a health care plan, it is Tess. She has one malady after another... bless her cute little heart. If she were a car, the lemon law would apply. She is doing better now. (Although, Evan just left with her to have a follow-up with her regular vet.) Can you say ca-ching?

I digress... since I was already out in the storm, I decided launch into a search for yarn. I had in mind to make a blanket for Little H, my grandson-growing-in-his-mom's-incubator. I was most excited to find some perfect "sock monkey" brown yarn (H's nursery is going to be built around sock monkey material that his Great Granny found). You can see it HERE.

It has been twenty plus years since I have knitted... well, Zack was a baby and you saw yesterday... he is not a baby anymore... Anyway, I am enjoying making this blanket for my grandson... I am sure I could have bought a much nicer one for him for what I have spent on yarn... but, there is something wonderful about the love and blessings that will go into the thousands of stitches just for him. It gives me joy.

Houndstooth... =)


Lauri said...

The houndstooth is perfect! And there is not a single blanket on the market that would ever match the one you are making with love. Can't wait to see the final product!

Amanda said...

I love the knits of love. =) This will be one of the most special gifts Little H receives. I can't wait to see it when it's all finished. Thank you for making such a sweet and special token of love. XOXO

Dana said...

So sweet! What a treasured gift it will be!

Katherine said...

I love the thought of a knitted blanket made with love by Grandma! What a keepsake it will be!Be sure to post pictures once it is complete!
Hope Tess is feeling better!

Tanna said...

May I just say that you girls (young women) give me great joy, too! Thank you for your sweet words. I only hope I can finish before July! =)

Thank you, Katherine. Tess is doing better. She has four new medications. =\

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